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Sky Poker values all of our poker players, which is why we have our loyalty scheme Sky Poker Rewards. The way the scheme works is by rewarding you with 'Poker Points' based on your real money game play. To get you started we reward new registrants with 500 Poker Points. Use these to enter freerolls to start building your bankroll without paying a dime!

What are Poker Points?

Every time you play real money Poker, you will be rewarded with a certain amount of Poker Points. Build your Poker Point bankroll to spend on entering freerolls where you can play for free! Alternatively, keep building your total throughout the week, to receive a bigger payout as part of Sky Poker Rewards. The more Poker Points you earn, the more cash back you get at the end of the week. 

So how can I earn Poker Points?

You can earn Poker Points by playing your favourite Cash Game, Sit & Go's and Tournaments. 

Cash Games: Poker Points are awarded using a Weighted Contribution mechanism in Cash Poker, designed to make the process fairer for all. Previously, any Poker Points awarded to the table were split equally between all players dealt into the hand. Now only players who contribute to the pot will earn Poker Points. Every time you contribute £1 in cash rake, you receive 6 Poker Points. This, in essence, rewards players who create more action at the table. Essentially it is a fairer way of distributing Poker Points, as players who drive the most action at the table will see a bigger reward than someone who is playing no hands at all. This is fairer as it generates more action for players at the table and keeps the game fun for everyone taking part.

To avoid confusion, Weighted Contribution does not affect the amount of rake taken at all; it simply looks at how Poker Points are awarded for each pot. Weighted Contribution does favour players who like to see flops. It will also mean that the games themselves could play a little more aggressively, with people happier to play their hand. However, this shouldn't alter your basic strategy for playing poker - there are still many reasons why playing tight could be best for you. If you're on a very aggressive table, tight could well be right! 

Example: Richard and Adam are playing in a pot. Richard has contributed £1.60 in rake, Adam has contributed 50p. Richard would earn 9.6 Poker Points, Adam would earn 3 Poker Points.

Sit & Go's and Tournaments: You will also earn Poker Points for buying in to any Multi and Single Table Tournament. You will earn 10 Poker Points for every £1 in entrance fees paid. For example, if you enter a £10 + £1 tournament, the £10 is your contribution to the prize fund and the additional £1 is the "fee" that you pay. This means in this example that you will earn 10 Poker Points. All loyalty points earned will be credited to your account at the end of each hand or tournament and can be viewed by going to 'My Account'.

How can I track how many Poker Points I have earned?

Simply log into your account and the rewards widget will display your points total. It goes up in real time, so you can literally see your points racking up! Every time you enter a new level, the rosette will change colour to reflect your loyalty level. 

Sky Poker Rewards Tracker

Poker Points are earned in real time, being accumulated at the end of each hand. Any fractional points accumulated when leaving the table will be rounded down. Please note: standing up and sitting back down on the same table constitutes ‘leaving the table'.

Remember that Sky Poker offers several great ways to boost your Poker Points, including our Jump Start promotion, meaning more cash earned through Sky Poker Rewards!

*Please note: the 500 Poker Point bonus awarded to new registrants can only be used to enter Freerolls and will not count towards any payouts associated with Sky Poker Rewards. 

How do I redeem my Poker Points?

At the end of each week, your total amount of Poker Points is converted, and paid out directly into your Poker account as a cash bonus. The ratio of Poker Points to cash back is dependant on which status you earn. To find out more visit the Sky Poker Rewards page.

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