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At Sky Poker we aim to provide all of our poker players with a thriving online community, where each player can enjoy the game and make new friends at the same time. We kindly ask all of our players to follow some basic poker etiquette to ensure everyone feels comfortable when playing in the Sky Poker environment.

Creating a Poker Alias

A player alias is the name you choose other players to see when you are at the table. There are some corkers out there so be creative! But please, do not choose a name that is considered foul or offensive. If Sky Poker come across any inappropriate aliases, we reserve the right to change it to something more suitable.


Sky Poker adopt a strict no tolerance policy against multi-accounting. Each player is only entitled to sign up for one poker account. This is a general rule across all online poker sites. Sky Poker reserves the right to instantly close any duplicate accounts found to be held by one player. This may also result in the closure of all of your accounts.


Collusion is a form of cheating in which two or more players either secretly exchange hole card information or otherwise form a cheating partnership to the detriment of other players either sat at the same table or participating in the same tournament. We take all our customers' enjoyment of their poker games very seriously and so we've put a variety of security measures into place to make sure our players enjoy a safe environment to play poker.

To detect collusion, Sky Poker uses sophisticated software to analyse hands, game play history and suspicious activities. Our system monitors card history, betting patterns, player history and their gameplay, including all bets, for all players, up to and including the last round of betting on the river card. We also look at various other sources of information as part of our anti-collusion checks.

Where we find evidence that a player has attempted or committed collusion, they will be immediately suspended and permanently banned from Sky Poker. In all cases Sky Poker's decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

If you suspect that other players may be acting in collusion please email

Keep the Action Moving

Keep your eye on the game and be aware of when it is your turn. The table does give you an audio reminder when the action is on you but from time to time you may not hear it. If you are consistently taking a long time to make your decisions you may make the game less enjoyable for others. If you are playing more than one table, please ensure you try and keep up with the play on each table to ensure smooth running of the game for all players in attendance. We offer an 'Autopost Blinds' option to keep the game ticking over nicely which is a good feature to use.

Hand for Hand Play

When a tournament's field size is reduced down, to the point where the money bubble occurs, hand for hand play will take effect. This means that all the remaining tables will be synchronised to start playing hands at the same time. This is done so that players have a fair shot at making it into the money - by not playing less/more hands than another table.

When hand for hand play is in progress it is not necessarily the first person who is eliminated doesn't make the money. If two players go all-in during the same hand, irregardless of when the hand finishes, the higher finishing position goes to the player that had the most chips. For example if Kirsty goes all-in on table 4 with 1,200 chips and Justin goes all-in on table 6 with 900 chips, if Kirsty's hand finishes first and she is eliminated she would still take the higher place finish as she had more chips. 

Be Patient & Polite

On the flip side, if a player at your table is using all of their time bank when in a hand every time, please address the issue in a polite way. Most of the time a short string of 'zzzz' in the chat box will work. Sometimes the delay is not under the player's control, but they may appreciate you letting them know as often a lagging player will actually think it's the whole game, not realising it's their fault.

Player Chat

Sky Poker is reowned for having a pleasant and encouraging community. Please do introduce yourself on the table and use the chat box to make friends! You can also talk and chat to others on the community. However we want the tables you play at to be positive for all, so we ask you not to swear or use any inappropriate wording in the chat box. Do not berrate other players or make others feel uncomfortable. Sky Poker retain the right to ban a player from using the chat box should we discover any improper use. Any chat within the poker room should be in English only.

Consideration for the Game

Poker is an individual game, although we love to share our experiences with others - which is great! Just make sure you don't disrupt a hand with any information regarding the cards you hold. Do not announce your cards whilst action is in play. Whether you have folded or not, it can affect the game dynamic, which may offend others. For example if you chose to fold 92 and the flop comes 227, it would not be good etiquette to tell everyone that you folded a 2. This makes other players in the hand aware of the location of one of the deuces, therefore affecting game play. 

Please note: If you feel in any game that players may be colluding or sharing information via the chat box, do not hesitate to contact a member of the Customer Care team. They will review game play and chat and take appropriate action where necessary. Should you wish to report a player for chat abuse you can reach the Customer Care team at 08000 725 185. Non-UK: +44 1423 850 681.

Understanding Poker Rake 

The Rake is a service fee that's collected by the house from the hands played during any real money cash game and is calculated as per the table below.

A Raked hand is a hand that you participate in - this means that you have been dealt hole cards and the hand has generated at least £0.01 in rake for the player.

Sky Poker operates a no-flop no-drop policy. If a hand is completed without a flop being dealt then no Rake is taken. All hands that see a flop will be subject to the appropriate deduction of Rake, this includes split pots.

All transactions including Rake are in GBP.

Sky Poker reserve the right to amend the rake levels at any given time, any such changes will be published here. 

Rake levels: 5p/10p and below 


(*Rounded up to the nearest pence) 

N.B. Whilst current rake due is updated on every street after betting actions are completed, rake is not actually deducted until the hand is completed,

Here's an example to show you how this will be calculated:

- We are playing on a cash table where the blinds are £0.02/£0.04

- The flop is seen by 2 players with 20p put into the pot pre-flop, rake at this stage is 7.5% * £0.20 = 1.5p (rounded up to 2p) therefore 18p in  the player pot 

- At the turn another 80p is bet in total making a £1 pot, rake at this stage is 7.5% * £1 = 7.5p (rounded up to 8p) therefore 92p in the player the pot

- At showdown, another £1 is bet making a total pot of £2, rake is now 7.5% * £2 = 15p (no rounding required) therefore £1.85 in the player pot goes to the winner

Rake levels: Above 5p/10p


(*Rounded up to the nearest pence) 


Should you have any questions pertaining to the rake and how it is calculated please feel free to contact us through any of our contact methods listed at the bottom of the page.

Enjoy Sky Poker and remember to be considerate towards other players to make the game enjoyable for everyone else too!

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