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To help you get the most out of the new Sky Poker tables, we collected your feedback during our beta period and answered your most frequently asked questions below. Use this as a starting point for any queries you may have about some of our new and exciting features.

Minimum Requirements

The new Sky Poker tables are built using the latest web technologies. This means you'll need to be using an up to date Internet Browser such as Internet Explorer 9 or above, Google Chrome, Firefox or, on a Mac, Safari in order to enjoy the full experience. You can also use the new tables via our download client which will automatically update if you already have it installed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Resizeable Tables

This feature allows players to adjust the size of the table up to the full size of the monitor screen and also in mini view.

To adjust the size of the table you can either select the “maximise” button, this will adjust the table to the full screen size or drag the table from anywhere on the table to the size you prefer.

Responsive Design

A new feature to Sky Poker is the responsive design element where features such as the chat box move around to suit the player’s needs. This feature can be implemented by changing the size of the table window and the effects will be seen. 

Please note: this is only currently available on the web browser version only. 

Changing Bet Amount

Raising your bet, calling and checking are done using the action box and the action buttons “Fold”, “Check”, “Call” and “Raise to”.

Raises can be either typed in using the number box or changed using the slider and/or the + and - buttons.

Here at Sky Poker the raise button signifies the amount you would like your bet to be at the end of your turn. For example if you have £1 in the pot and are raised to £5 by another player, re-raising to £10 and clicking the “Raise to” button would make your overall bet £10. This means an additional £9 would be put into the pot instead of another £10. This does not however carry on to the next street.

Preferred seating

This new feature enables players to select their preferred seating location anywhere around the poker table whether its heads up or 6 max tables.

To use the “Preferred Seating” option, select the “Options” tab, in the top left hand corner of the table. From here a drop down box will appear, locate the “Seating” option tab, this will then allow you to choose your preferred seat around the table for heads up or 6 seated tables. By selecting “Save Default” this will then save the preferred seat for future play. Please note: if you do not click the “Save as default” button, your changed preferences will only apply to the table you are currently sat at.

Seat Rotation

This feature enables players to rotate their position clockwise or anti clockwise around the table in accordance to the preferred seat selection.

To use the seat rotation facility select the “Rotate” tab located at the top right hand corner of the table. Once this option has been selected, a movable pop up screen will allow you to select your preferred seat by choosing either to move clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Mini View Option

The mini view facility enables the table to be played in a reduced size mode but still offers the same great features as playing on a standard sized table. This option is ideal if playing on a smaller monitor or for multi-tabling and can be achieved by simply resizing the table

Open in Mini View

If you want to open all future windows in “Mini View”, select the “Options” tab, in the top left hand corner of the table. From here a drop down box will appear, locate the “Gameplay” options tab, this will then allow you to turn on the “Open in Mini View Option”. 

When opening in Mini View you are presented with the table in the smallest possible size - you can always resize this as described in "Resizeable Tables" above.


If you would like to play more than one table of poker at any given time, then the brand new tiling option makes it easier for you to fit multiple windows on your screen. Tiling can be used by clicking the “Tile” button in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Clicking this box will arrange all open tables into a tiled format dependant on the size of your monitor.

Please note there is no option to ‘un-tile’ back to the way the windows were set out before. Also, tiling only works across your primary monitor. 


The Auto-focus option is a useful tool for playing more than one table. The auto-focus option causes tables to flash when it becomes your turn to act. If more than 1 table needs you to act, the table that has the least time left will flash. When you make your decision on this table, the moment you click the “Fold”/”Check”/”Call”/”Raise to” button, the next table waiting with the least time left will pop up to the forefront of your window view. To turn this feature on go to the “Options” tab in the top left hand corner and scroll down to gameplay. Then simply click the “Auto Focus Tables” switch from “Off” to “On” and click “Save as default” to apply to all tables.

Auto Top-up

This feature will automatically top up your table balance to the table maximum. For example if you sit down at the table with £20 (table maximum) once the balance has reached below this amount, the feature will automatically top your chip stack back up to £20.

To activate this feature click into the “Cashier” tab located at the top of the chat facility. To “Enable” the auto top-up feature please click into the box. To turn the Auto top up feature back off, click the “Disable” box. The system will also offer the option to select “Auto Top Up” when sitting down at a new table. Please note: Due to our reducing policy, players must sit back down at the same table with the exact same amount they left with.

Using Notes

If you ever want to make a note about a player, the ‘Notes' feature can be accessed by clicking on each player's avatar and can be seen in place of the chat box.

By clicking on the colour icon, the colour of the player's circle surrounding the avatar can be changed by clicking on the colour you want and can be seen around the chosen player's avatar.

You do not need to type anything into the note area to save a coloured note against that player. Simply choose from one of the colours and press save.

To save, click the "Save" button and double click the players avatar to bring up the note menu again.

This will save the note for any other interactions with this player. If you wish to delete the note, bring up the note menu, delete the text in the box and instead of the "Save" option appearing, a "Delete" option will appear. Clicking this will also remove a players colour.

Hand History

The hand history feature allows players to analyze each hand played; with this tool players can review their game to improve their poker playing skills, and help gain an edge over opponents.

There are three easy ways to check your hand history. Firstly, you can click "Game Info" tab located in the chat box. This will then give you the option to view all your previous hands played by selecting the “ Table Hand History” link. You can also access your hand history through the “current” and “last” hand link located at the top of the screen (standard size view only) or simply by clicking on the hand number link inside the chat box.

Using the Quick Bet Buttons

The BB buttons can also be used that signify a raise to however many big blinds the player wishes to raise to. Preflop you can raise to 3xBB, 4xBB, 'Pot' or all-in using the Quick Bet buttons.

Post-flop the Quick Bet buttons now change to 1/2 Pot, 3/4 Pot, Pot and All-In. 

For example if you wish to raise your bet to 4 ‘Big Blinds’ then click the “4BB” button to make “4 Big Blinds” your total bet, if your bet is currently over ‘4 Big Blinds’ then the buttons will be greyed out.

The ‘All-In’ Button will also be greyed out during pot limit games unless the pot is equal or larger than your remaining stack.

Mouse Wheel and Keyboard Bet Increments

The mouse wheel can also be used as a raising tool with each mouse wheel increment being worth a big blind. Simply scroll on the mouse wheel to raise or lower the amount you wish to bet.

To use this feature the mouse pointer must be over the action box or the slider will not change. The “Up” and “Down” keyboard arrow keys can also be used in the same way, to raise and lower big blind bets. This can only take place when the betting area is in focus.

Player Location

If you would like to see the city or location of a player, click the player’s avatar and the location is displayed in the bottom left hand corner. Please note you cannot change your location.

Sit out next blind option

This feature enables players to sit out of the game when the next big blind reaches their position. To enable this feature, please select the “Sit out next BB” option located at the lower left hand corner of the screen just above the chat box facility. Please note if you are multi-tabling then the option needs to be selected on each table individually.

Saving Settings

This new feature enables players to save their favourite settings. Whether its sound, seating or gameplay a player can apply his/her preferred table settings to all future table play. To use this facility, please select the “Options” tab and choose the selection you would like to change. Once this has been selected a green box stating “Save as default” will appear. By selecting this, all future settings will be adjusted accordingly.

Chat Box Filters

What you can view in the chat box can be customised by you. The options can be brought up using the “Summary and Chat” tab in the bottom right hand corner of the chat box.

There are 3 main options available. “Full” includes everything that occurs on the table including player actions and dealer actions. This includes blind statuses, players that have checked, all raises and all folds. “Summary” will give you an overview of the hand and the winner with the amount won in the pot. “Off” turns off all information from the table. The “Player chat” can be turned on independently by ticking the “Player Chat” box which allows you to view other players chat in the chat box. This will automatically turn on if you type in the chat box and send a message regardless of whether the player chat box is ticked or not. You can also filter out observer chat by checking or unchecking the "Observer Chat" box.

Use the options to find your desired amount of table information combined with player interaction.

Posting Cards in the Chat Box

One feature we’ve added to the chat box is that you can now post pictures of cards rather than typing them. Simply type the shorthand notation of the card in brackets as below.

  Hearts Diamonds Spades Clubs
A (Ah) (Ad) (As) (Ac)
K (Kh) (Kd) (Ks) (Kc)
Q (Qh) (Qd) (Qs) (Qc)
J (Jh) (Jd) (Js) (Jc)
10 (Th) (Td) (Ts) (Tc)
9 (9h) (9d) (9s) (9c)
8 (8h) (8d) (8s) (8c)
7 (7h) (7d) (7s) (7c)
6 (6h) (6d) (6s) (6c)
5 (5h) (5d) (5s) (5c)
4 (4h) (4d) (4s) (4c)
3 (3h) (3d) (3s) (3c)
2 (2h) (2d) (2s) (2c)
Chat Box Text

It is now easier to distinguish between the different types of chat and messages in the chat box. There are now different colours for player, observer and dealer chat.

We have also added chat timestamps to the chat box so that users can see what time a particular message or piece of chat was sent.


There is now the option to mute players and observers from the chat box whilst leaving general chat on. To mute an individual player, click on the player's avatar as though you are making a note about that player. This will then replace the chat box with the note area. Clicking the mute icon will remove all chat from that player in the chat box. To unmute a player follow the same steps this time clicking the unmute icon.

To mute observer chat click "Summary and Chat" and untick Observer Chat from the menu.

Deck Selection

Whilst playing any Hold'em game you can now select the kind of card deck that you would like to use. A player can opt to use the "Omaha deck" whilst playing a Hold'em game by choosing the "Display" menu from the "Options" tab. Set "Always use Omaha deck" to on for the change to take effect. By clicking "Save as default" all future sessions will be played with the Omaha deck.

Omaha Deck

We’ve added an additional card design option for you called "Omaha Deck", which can be turned on or off in the Options > Display menu. The new design includes a compact suit and card rank type face which makes reading your Omaha hand even simpler. You can always use the Omaha Deck on our Hold’em tables too!

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