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Table Features

Choose your Seat

Once you have opened a Cash Game table you will need to take your seat. Double-click on any seat that says 'Seat Available' or alternatively click 'Play Now' and a seat will be selected for you.

A buy-in window will appear with all the details of the game, your balance and the blinds for that game. Once this window appears you have 30 seconds to decide on what you want to do. It will state the maximum and minimum amounts that you can bring to the table.

Once you have selected 'Ok' a box will pop-up next to the seat you have chosen with your alias and the amount of money you are bringing to the table.

In a Sit & Go game or a tournament your seat will be automatically assigned.

The Dealer

The dealer is indicated by a button with a 'D' on it and moves to the left after each hand. Each player will have the opportunity to be the dealer.

Placing a Bet

At Sky Poker during your play you will be given a variety of betting options. Should you decide to select an action before your turn, you will see the 'Speed Play' options which you can select. If you don’t choose to do this then normal action buttons will appear on the table when it is your turn to act.

  • Fold: You will give up your stake in the game and you will lose any chips that you have already bet.
  • Fold/Check: You can choose to fold if the bets increase or check if they don’t.
  • Call: You match another player's previous bet placed.
  • Bet/Raise: If any of the other players have called you will bet. Or you could raise them.


When you are at a poker table you may wish to chat to your fellow players. At the bottom of the table screen you will see a ‘chat box’. This is where we display a written record of the previous plays as well as other players' comments. You can choose what level of details you would like to display and you can also go back and check what chat you missed by selecting 'Scroll Lock'.

Type your comments in the chat box and press enter. A larger chat box can be selected to show on the right of your poker table. This can be changed under 'Options' when sat at a table and selecting 'Enable Large Chat Window'.


Advanced Play Options

On the poker table you will also see that we have given you some advanced play options with check boxes.

  • Auto Post Blind (Cash games only): This will automatically post the blind at the beginning of a new game.
  • Muck Losing/Uncalled Hands: This will not allow you the option of showing your hand in a situation where you are not called or when you have lost the hand.
  • Sit Out (Cash games only): Allows you to sit out of the game without giving up your seat or leaving the table. This is for cash and play money games only.
  • Away from Table: This is for tournament play only and allows you to go for a much needed coffee break. However, you are still dealt in to the game and the blinds will be posted on your behalf.

Hand History

Each game and hand at Sky Poker is recorded. At the top of the table you will see the current hand number as well as the previous hand number. If you ever have questions pertaining to a particular game or you want to know what happened then remember to make a note of this.

If you select the 'Game Info' tab you will see a brief overview of your play. From here you can select the 'Show Stats' button to preview more information. Also on this tab you will find a 'Hand History' button - when selected a window will pop up with your five most recent hands. Just make sure that you have allowed pop ups from in order to fully utilise this feature.

Changing your preferences 

Once you have started playing at Sky Poker you have access to a wide range of options. You can customise certain aspects of your gameplay with Sky Poker. This can be done by accessing 'Options' directly from the poker table you are playing at or by going to poker preferences under 'My Account'.

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