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Earn points at low stakes cash games to win an SPT Las Vegas package worth £3,300

Monday 2nd April - Sunday 29th April 2018

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Here's another opportunity to win one of those highly coveted Sky Poker Tour Las Vegas packages. Throughout April, there's eight more to be won including £8,000 worth of cash and SPT Nottingham seats up for grabs each week!

Simply earn poker points playing at various low cash stakes to climb the weekly leaderboards. The more Poker Points you earn, the more league points you get. Battle to earn the most Poker Points in a day to get more league points. Come the end of the week, the player with the most league points bags the ultimate Vegas package including their seat at the exclusive SPT Main Event.

 What you need to know

• You need to opt in - click the pink button above or enter code SPTMADNESS
• You can play in BOTH leagues as you like at any one time
• There is no limit as to how much cash you can earn from the 2 leagues across the 4 weeks
• There are leaderboards in the drop downs below so you can track your progress across the different cash stakes
• View the weekly cash payouts in the drop down below
• Heads up cash tables are excluded

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How do I take part?

Step 1 → Opt in by entering the promo code - SPTMADNESS

Step 2 → Earn poker points every day across the different cash stakes to turn them into league points.

Step 3 → The top poker point earners in each league will get league points based on their daily rank. For more information on league points see the 'How do I earn league points?' drop down.

Step 4 → The leaderboard for each league will be updated daily and will be displayed in their drop downs below.

Step 5 → The players with the most league points at the end of the week will win a share of the league's prizepool with top place taking home the Vegas package.

When do the leagues run from?
Week League Start Date League End Date
1 Monday 2nd April Sunday 8th April
2 Monday 9th April Sunday 15th April
3 Monday 16th April Sunday 22nd April
4 Monday 23rd April Sunday 29th April
Cash stakes & weekly payouts

Leaderboard 1 Leaderboard 2
Cash Stakes £0.02/£0.04 to £0.10/£0.20 £0.15/£0.30 to £0.25/£0.50
1st SPT Vegas package SPT Vegas package
2nd £400 + SPT Seat £500 + SPT Seat
3rd £300 + SPT Seat £400 + SPT Seat
4th £200 + SPT Seat £300 + SPT Seat
5th £140 £200
6th £100 £150
7th £75 £115
8th £60 £90
9th £50 £75
10th £40 £60
11th £30 £50
12th £30 £50
13th £30 £50
14th £30 £50
15th £30 £50
16th £20 £30
17th £20 £30
18th £20 £30
19th £20 £30
20th £20 £30
21st £15 £20
22nd £15 £20
23rd £15 £20
24th £15 £20
25th £15 £20
26th £15 £20
27th £15 £20
28th £15 £20
29th £15 £20
30th £15 £20
31st £10 £15
32nd £10 £15
33rd £10 £15
34th £10 £15
35th £10 £15
36th £10 £15
37th £10 £15
38th £10 £15
39th £10 £15
40th £10 £15
41st £7.50 £10
42nd £7.50 £10
43rd £7.50 £10
44th £7.50 £10
45th £7.50 £10
46th £7.50 £10
47th £7.50 £10
48th £7.50 £10
49th £7.50 £10
50th £7.50 £10
How do I earn league points?

The more Poker Points you earn, the more league points you get. Battle to earn the most Poker Points in a day to get more league points.

Daily Rank vs League Points

The tables below show the top places and what league points you receive each day based on your daily rank, depending on what league you're playing in.

1st 50
2nd 45
3rd 40
4th 35
5th 30
6th 25
7th-10th 20
11th-25th 15
26th-50th 10

The tallying of daily league points for each league will be tracked in a leaderboard, which will be updated daily. The leaderboards are located under each header below.

Level 1 Leaderboard

Leaderboard last updated 26/04/18 @ 09:45

Rank Alias Weekly Points
1 LuckyBrahh 140
2 Tommy__D 140
3 Sharki0 115
4 Donttelmum 105
5 conga38 90
6 JJBinks 60
7 NoEa5yCa5h 60
8 iodio 60
9 H3nry 55
11 SR23 50
12 gpc70 50
13 Bartosz99 45
14 walks2311 45
15 supercrazy 45
16 splashies 45
17 mongo229 45
18 70theo 45
19 WUBBZY1401 40
20 Bertie283 40
21 The_Chris 35
22 liamboi11 35
23 1066AVFC 35
24 bettingben 35
25 yuranASSet 35
26 Tedson 35
27 neenio 35
28 ribeiro66 30
29 Platonic28 30
30 jd44 30
31 shakinaces 30
32 babyboy015 30
33 LARSON7 30
34 Szu 25
35 AB0151 25
36 markylew 25
37 BigHawk89 25
38 Taveners56 25
39 hugomuck 25
40 SickMC2k18 25
41 therckt 25
42 psuk1 20
43 dandama162 20
44 omm 20
45 jfmpoker11 20
46 weedgi 15
47 marlsss 15
48 JIMZ1024 15
49 Th1nkerman 15
50 Timmy712 10
51 jp08ker13 10
52 KingHurley 10
53 spopococ 10
55 Yatesy24 10
56 SirSavager 10
57 pwd4456 10
58 DoyleBrun 10
59 porky556 10
60 ourkes 10
61 1L0v3lamp 10
62 cockroach3 10
63 mondo1985 10
64 asmithx 10
65 tosca21 10
66 legs200 10
67 Robbo67 10
68 conorshay1 10
70 Tsaaaar 10
72 just_deal 10
73 Carnage 10
74 TheSwan 10
Level 2 Leaderboard

Leaderboard last updated 26/04/18 @ 09:45

Rank AliasWeekly Points
1 Mather14 145
2 snowman69 140
3 sandforddd 110
4 piglet69 100
5 Curt360x27 80
7 walks2311 60
8 Donttelmum 55
9 LmfaoAllin 55
10 splashies 45
11 Ferruzo 45
12 maverick69 45
13 railtard11 45
14 jackl 45
15 mongo229 45
16 Rableno 45
17 conga38 40
18 AB0151 40
19 saus21 40
20 liamboi11 40
21 rpokerj 40
22 Lottieloux 40
23 Morrizi0 35
24 denty765 35
25 ALTiltYou 35
26 KingHurley 35
27 rikclutts 35
28 Taveners56 35
29 mici_d 35
30 neenio 30
31 flashgorm 30
32 spopococ 30
33 BigHawk89 30
34 IH8UButler 30
36 Middz68 30
37 Destiny177 25
38 jp08ker13 25
39 hhamza162 25
40 GBaller420 25
41 LuckyBrahh 20
42 LARSON7 20
43 daragh1980 20
44 onslow05 20
47 RexRegina 20
48 Tedson 15
49 weedgi 15
50 OnlySmells 15
51 harper0132 10
52 dennisc 10
53 Roly69 10
54 Platonic28 10
55 gazvegas 10
56 md2k8 10
57 eaturchips 10
58 porky556 10
59 PearllJosh 10
60 Voltage 10
61 d0wn5wing 10
62 shanks246 10
63 shane9632 10
64 babyboy015 10
65 spanias05 10
66 legs200 10
67 corbett04 10
68 mint2210 10
69 marlsss 10
70 onesipho03 10
71 GuyL2 10
72 Garratt 10
73 therckt 10

Terms & Conditions

1. The promotion period runs from Monday 2nd - Sunday 29th April 2018.

2. The weekly leagues run from:
• Week 1 | Monday 2nd - Sunday 8th April
• Week 2 | Monday 9th - Sunday 15th April
• Week 3 | Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd April
• Week 4 | Monday 23rd - Sunday 29th April

3. Once you have opted in do not opt in again. This will override any progress ALL LEAGUE POINTS WILL BE LOST.

4. Players can play in both leagues at one time.

5. Players must opt in by clicking the button above or entering the code 'SPTMADNESS'.

6. Once a player has entered the promotion code, the points from 00:00:01-23:59:59 will be counted for that day. For example: If a player opts in to week 1, which runs from Monday 2nd April to Sunday 8th April, by opting in on Wednesday 4th, only points from 00:00:01 on Wednesday 4th will be counted. Points cannot be backdated.

7. Only poker points earned on the various cash game stakes outlined above qualify towards the earning requirements of this Promotion. Spin Up tables are included. Heads up cash tables are excluded. If you finish a session after midnight, all points earned on that table during the session will count towards the next day's points.

8. There will daily leaderboard updates for all two levels. which will display poker points earned. Please allow until 6pm for these to be updated onsite.

9. In the event of a tie in positions second and below the dead heat rule will apply. All players who finish a Promotional Week on the same rank, by earning the same number of League Points, will receive an equal share of the total amount of cash for all ranks added together.* For example if players 4,5 and 6 all finish a Promotional Week on 35 League Points they will all get an equal share of the prizes cross all those places.

10. Cash prizes will be credited by 6pm the next working day after each Promotional week ends.

11The Sky Poker Tour Las Vegas prize package details includes: 

· Entry to the exclusive $40,000 Sky Poker Tour Las Vegas tournament taking place on 24th June
· Seven nights stay for you and a guest at the 5* hotel, The Palazzo, on the Las Vegas Strip
· Package dates run from 21st - 28th June 2018
· £1,000 credited to your Sky Betting & Gaming account, that you could use to cover your flight costs.
· A Sky Poker welcome party
· Access to the Sky Poker hospitality suite where food and drink will be available during certain times
· Top Golf experience
· Departure party

12. The value of the package is broken down as follows:
· 7 nights at The Palazzo Hotel: £1,245
· Tournament buy in: £580
· Activities: £475
· Additional spend given that is suggested for use on flights: £1,000

13. Players cannot directly buy into the Sky Poker Tour Las Vegas tournament. It is exclusively for players who have qualified through various promotions offered by Sky Poker only.

14. Any winnings a player receives from the $40,000 tournament will be paid out as cash at the casino. This will be paid in USD. Sky Poker is not responsible for the exchange rate given when a player exchanges back to GPB.

15. The Package dates run from 21st June - 28th June 2018 and winners must be available to travel during this time. The Package includes £1,000 which could be used towards travel costs, including the cost of flights, which will be credited to their Sky Betting & Gaming account within 72 hours of winning. Any additional costs or expenses related to the prizes are explicitly excluded, including but not limited to, any additional costs relating to transport, food and beverage or travel insurance or other sundry expenses. Each winner will be provided with 7 night's accommodation at the Palazzo, Las Vegas from 21st June - 28th June 2018. The package includes the cost of taxes, Wi-Fi and resort fees. Breakfast is not included in the package. Upon arrival all guests must have their credit/debit card swiped. This will hold $300 in case of any additional charges made to the room. It will not be charged unless the person charges anything to their room. If the person does not have a credit/debit card a $300 cash deposit will be expected.

16. Each player can only win one Sky Poker Tour Las Vegas Package. Any player who wins more than one Package will not receive the equivalent value in cash. This includes Packages that are won via any other Sky Betting & Gaming promotion.

17. As a condition of receiving their prize, winners must use the prize monies awarded for the purposes of arranging travel to Las Vegas and participating in all designated activities and events, and not sell or transfer their Sky Poker Tour Las Vegas package to any third party. Winners are responsible for the payment of any applicable tax, if any, due on winning the Prize, and/or any prize money won by participating in the Event.

18. As a condition of receiving the prizes under this promotion all winner's will be required to sign a waiver governing among other things: their use of the prize monies for the stated purposes only, Sky Betting & Gaming's liability, confirming they meet the eligibility requirements and consenting to the disclosure and use of their personal information for the purposes of administering this promotion.

19. The eligibility of the winner and / or their guest to enter the USA is entirely their own responsibility, and if for any reason they are ineligible to enter the USA, Sky Poker will not accept any liability.

20. Winners are responsible for taking out and maintaining adequate travel insurance if they receive and participate in any Sky Poker Tour Las Vegas prize package.

21. By participating in this Promotion, the winner agrees to participate in any publicity or promotional activities as may be reasonably required by Sky Betting & Gaming with no recompense and to allow Sky Poker and its group to use their name, alias, photograph and relevant personal information for all advertising and publicity purposes throughout the world without further compensation, and to co-operate and participate in the same as reasonably required by Sky Poker. Players will also be required to wear Sky Poker branded apparel, or at least a Sky Poker branded patch.

22. No cash alternative is available for any part of the Las Vegas Package, nor is any part of the package transferrable. As a condition of receiving their prize, winners must use the prize monies awarded for the purposes of arranging travel to Las Vegas and participating in any designated activities and events, and not sell or transfer their Las Vegas package to any third party. Winners are responsible for the payment of any applicable tax, if any, due on winning the Prize, and/or any prize money won by participating in the Event.

23. The winning player is entitled to bring with them one guest, who is eligible to stay in the winners hotel room. However, no extra cash, aside from what is outlined in the Package will be given to accommodate travel for this person. The guest is also not eligible to receive any buy-ins to any events provided by Sky Poker. The guest does not have to be 21, but please bear in mind that they will not be able to watch or stand on any part of the gaming floor in the casino.

24. Although Sky Poker usually operates an 18+ policy, the winner of the Las Vegas Package must be 21. If a player who is 18-20 qualifies for a Package, the Package will not be awarded. There will be no alternative cash or prize given as compensation. Any player who is 18-20 may participate in this Promotion, although they are not eligible to win the Las Vegas package. They may play for a share of the £8,000 weekly leaderboard prizes and SPT seats only. Should a non-eligible player win the Las Vegas package, the prize will be awarded to second place as long as they are eligible. The package and first place prize money will be awarded to that eligible player with their original prize given to the non-eligible player who won the Package. Should this instance occur, we will contact players affected to discuss.

25. Sky Poker reserve the right to remove any customers who we deem are abusing the spirit of the promotion. Sky Poker management decisions on this are final. 

26. All general Sky Betting and Gaming rules and terms apply.

27. Sky Betting and Gaming General Promotion Terms apply to this promotion and can be viewed here.

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