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Sky Poker Rewards

Our loyalty scheme rewards you weekly simply for playing with us

Ongoing promotion | Running every Monday to Sunday


Until Friday 25th May the Rewards Freerolls will also award SPT Vegas Semi seats. Please see the drop down below for more information.

♠ Play real money games to earn poker points
♠ Earn more points to climb the 6 loyalty levels to earn better bonuses and rewards
♠ Bonuses include entry to £5,000 worth of freerolls, MTT tokens & rakeback
♠ Earn a minimum of 50 poker points per week to participate
♠ Rewards are paid every Monday

Our loyalty scheme rewards players in various ways depending on which loyalty level you reach each week. Earn rewards by racking up poker points, awarded when you play in any of our real money Cash, Sit & Go's or Tournaments.

The bonus that you are awarded is based on the number of Poker Points you have earned in the previous week, meaning the more you play the more you can earn! The scheme starts afresh every Monday. See below to find out what benefits are included in Sky Poker Rewards.

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How do I enter Sky Poker Rewards?

Everyone is automatically opted in to the loyalty scheme, without having to enter any promotion codes. Simply start playing and watch the Poker Points rack up. Players earn 6 Poker Points per £1 of rake in Cash Games, and 10 Poker Points per £1 in registration fees in Sit & Go's and Tournaments. To learn more about earning Poker Points click here.

What can I earn?
Sky Poker Rewards

Example: Earn 65 Poker Points and get access to £5,000 worth of Freerolls the following week.

 Example: Earn 250 Poker Points and you'll be credited with a £2.30 Tournament Token plus access to £5,000 worth of Freerolls the following week.

Example: Earn 2,000 Poker Points and you'll get a £40 bonus at 2.0p per point plus access to £5,000 worth of Freerolls the following week.

Sky Poker Priority Rewards

All customers (including Priority) will take part in the weekly loyalty scheme as detailed above. Priority customers will be also be entitled to earn rakeback every month as shown above. For more information about Priority Rewards click here.

Rewards Freerolls | Monday to Friday at 7.30pm

The Rewards Freerolls run weekdays from Monday to Friday at 7.30pm, and are open to all customers who earn at least 50 Poker Points in the previous week. Registration opens at 5pm, and there is 20 minutes of late registration.

Until Friday 25th May the Rewards Freerolls will also award SPT Vegas Semi seats. The top 2 will win a seat to the £3,300 Vegas Semi on Sunday worth £79. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is Sky Poker Rewards credited?

Cash and Tournament Tokens will both be credited to accounts within 48 hours of the week ending, so within 48 hours from 23:59:59 on the Sunday. The week runs from Monday to Sunday, and in this time you are effectively accumulating Poker Points for the week ahead.

2. What if I have earned less than 50 Poker Points?

Players will need to have earned at least 50 Poker Points within the week previous to gain any kind of benefit from the Sky Poker Rewards system. Earning those Poker Points will reward you in many ways, from Freerolls to cash back at the end of the week - so make sure you take advantage!

3. How do I earn Poker Points?

You will earn Poker Points every time you play a real money game, whether it be Cash, Tournaments or Sit & Go's. For more information about earning Poker Points & Weighted Contribution click here.

4. How can I check how many Poker Points I have earned?

You can search within a specfic date range to see how many Poker Points you earned in that specific time frame. Go to 'My Account' and under the 'Poker Points & League' section there will be the below mechanism. You can search back through the months or select a time period to check your Poker Points earned. Please note: The date range feature can only be used to search from May 2015 onwards.

How to check your Poker Points

5. Where do I find the Rewards Freerolls & how do I register?

You will find the Freerolls listed under the 'Tournaments' tab in the Poker Lobby. To make it easier to find, use the filter option and select 'Freerolls.' To register, simply click on the listed Freeroll and select the pink 'Register for Tournament' button at the right hand side. Registration will open at 5pm daily for all Rewards Freerolls.

6. How do I spend my £2.30 Tournament Token?

The token can be used for both MTT's and Sit & Go's. The tournament token will be credited within 48 hours of the week ending, providing you have earned the required number of Poker Points. To use it, simply register to the tournament you wish to play. If the buy-in is equal to, or lesser than the sum of the token you will automatically be registered. Please note, the whole token will be used regardless of the buy-in. If you are required to put money towards the buy in, the token will be deducted and you are to pay the rest from your available cash balance. Please also note, the Tournament Token will only be given to players who earn between 100-499 Poker Points. Should you surpass into the next bracket you will not receive the token in addition to the 1p per point.

7. Do I need to opt in to Sky Poker Rewards?

No. There is no promotion code needed, everyone will automatically be opted in to the loyalty scheme.

8. I have played a game but my points are not showing?

Points from a Tournament or Sit & Go are awarded once the Tournament is complete. If you are eliminated from the game before midnight, but the tournament does not complete until after, your points will be allocated to the later day. Points from Cash games are awarded as they are accrued at the table.

Terms & Conditions

1. The Sky Poker Rewards Promotion starts from 01.06.2015 and will run on a weekly basis until further notice. All Poker Points earned in sessions which start after 00:00:00 GMT on Mondays and end before 23:59:59 GMT on Sundays will qualify. Please note: Poker Points are credited to your account when you leave the table. 

2. All customers will automatically be opted into Sky Poker Rewards, no promotion code needs to be entered.

3. Poker Points earned in one week cannot be carried over to be used in a future week, they will have no value and will not count towards any future Sky Poker Rewards payout.

4. Accounts will be credited with the relevant rewards up to 48 hours after the week ends. 

5. The Rewards Freerolls run every Monday to Friday, begin at 7:30pm and have a £1,000 daily prizepool.

6. Players must have earned a minimum of 50 Poker Points in the previous week in order to be eligible to register for the Rewards Freerolls. The Freerolls have a 2,500 entry cap, and will operate on a first come first served basis.

7. The prizes stated are subject to change at short notice and without notification.

8. We reserve the right to make amendments to any part of the Rewards Freerolls, including, but not limited to, tournament guarantees, starting stacks and blind levels.

9. All Tournaments on Sky Poker are in Pounds Sterling (GBP). If an account is held in an alternative currency then any amount won will be converted at the relevant exchange rate provided by Sky Poker's banking partner.

10. If a Tournament cannot be executed as planned, including any problems or technical malfunction beyond our control, we shall incur no liability and no Prize will be awarded. For full details regarding our Tournament Rules please click here.

11. Players must have earned between 100-499 Poker Points to receive a £2.30 Tournament Token. Only players that fit into this rewards bracket will receive a token, if you surpass this level you will not receive the token in addition to the benefits offered at the next rewards level. These tokens will be valid for 90 days from the date of issue, and can be used cumulatively. The token can only be used to enter MTT's and Sit & Go's - it cannot be used on Cash Poker.

12. Customers who earn 10,000 or more Poker Points in the month will receive rakeback alongside their Sky Poker Rewards weekly payout. For more information and Sky Poker Rewards Priority Terms and Conditions please visit the Sky Poker Rewards Priority page.

13. All bonus cash quoted are in pounds sterling (GBP). If an account is held in an alternative currency then the cash bonus amount will be converted at the relevant exchange rate provided by Sky Poker's banking partner on the day the bonus is credited.

14. The Sky Poker Rewards points toolbar or counter that displays poker points and cash bonuses, is for display purposes. Any errors reported within the display will not be honoured and the Sky Poker Rewards bonus will be based on the poker points earned week to date only. 

15. Sky Poker reserves the right to add, remove and/or amend these terms and conditions at any time provided that any such amendments shall not have a material detrimental effect on any participant.

16. All general Sky Betting and Gaming rules and terms apply.

17. Sky Betting and Gaming General Promotion Terms apply to this promotion and can be viewed here.   

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