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Have you ever wanted to match your wits against the best players on Sky Poker? Dreamed of representing Sky Poker in tournaments around the world? Why are you still dreaming? You could be in the newly formed Team Sky Poker!

This are what you can expect from Team Sky Poker:

  • - Win your way onto Team Sky Poker
  • - Play in offline professional level tournaments across the UK (1 x £1000 guaranteed every quarter)
  • - Double Cash for Points (half going towards live tournament buy-ins)
  • - Appear on TV and gain a great profile on Sky Poker

Become a Team Sky Poker member

The 30 leading players in each of the Cash, Tournament and Sit & Go leagues over a three month period will have an opportunity to win their way into Team Sky Poker. From April 2011 onwards, qualifying players will play in one tournament to determine the new member ogf Team Sky Poker. The top six finishing players from the tournament will all earn their place onto Team Sky Poker. Therefore, each quarter there will be six new additions to Team Sky Poker.

Once on Team Sky Poker, we will have the ability to retain players within the team if we feel you've done a particularly good job. This will not impact the number of seats offered in the following month - three new players will be added each and every quarter.

Team Sky Poker has finished for now, but keep your eyes peeled for when we're recruiting next!

Terms & Conditions

•1.1            There are 3 qualifying leagues for Team Sky Poker as follows: Cash Tables League, Sit & Go League and the Multi-Table Tournaments League (the "Qualifying Leagues").

•1.2            League Tables for each of the Qualifying Leagues will be updated regularly and displayed at

•1.3            Your position in each Qualifying League will be determined by how many CLP's, STT's and/or MTT's (as defined above) you accumulate over the ‘Relevant Qualifying Period' (as defined below). The more points you earn the higher your overall position. These points are not redeemable for cash or any other prize alternative.

•1.4            CLP's will only count towards your Cash Table League total. STT's will only count towards your Sit & Go League Total. MTT's will only count towards your Multi Table Tournament League total. Points are not inter-changeable between any of the Qualifying Leagues.

•1.5            Qualifying periods are 3 calendar months long (each a "Relevant Qualifying Period"). The first Relevant Qualifying Period commences on 00:00 GMT on 1 October 2010 and ends on 23:59:59 on 31 December 2010. Subsequent relevant Qualifying Periods shall be displayed at

•1.6            At the end of each Relevant Qualifying Period, the top 30 players in each Qualifying League will be automatically entered into the Team Sky Poker qualifying tournament ("TSP Qualifier").

•1.7            The TSP Qualifier will be in such format as determined by Sky Poker, save that (i) there will be one TSP Qualifier made up of 90 players, 30 from each discipline (Cash, MTT, STT); (ii) The TSP Qualifier will be held on the second Sunday of the month following the end of the relevant Qualifying Period at a time as specified by Sky Poker (e.g. if a Relevant Qualifying Period ends on 30 March 2011, the TSP Qualifiers will take place on the Sunday 10th April 2011).

•1.8            The ‘chip stack' which a TSP Qualifying player will be given at the start of the Qualifiers is determined by their final position in the relevant Qualifying League, as is as follows:


League Position

Starting Stack





2nd - 4th



5th -7th



8th - 11th



12th - 16th



17th - 21st



22nd - 30th


•1.9            In the event of a tie in a Qualifying League position which would have stretched over 2 of the Bands detailed in the table above had there been a difference of a point between each of the tied Qualifying Players, then the chip stacks for relevant Bands will be combined and then divided between the number of tied Qualifying Players (N.B. this will be rounded up to the nearest whole number) Qualifying Players below the tied Qualifying Players will be pushed down into the Band below.


Three players tie for 3rd position. These players' chip stacks will be calculated as: (9000 + 9000 + 8000)/3 = 8,667.

The next Qualifying Player will be in 6th position and receive 8000 chips.


•1.10       If you do not play in the TSP Qualifier then your place in it will be forfeit and no alternative tournament and/or prize will be offered.

•1.11       There is no cash or other prize for participating in the TSP Qualifier.

•1.12       If any player (a "Multi-Qualifier") appears in the top 30 of more than one Qualifying League then that player will only be permitted to play in one TSP Qualifier to be determined by: (i) the Qualifying League that the Multi-Qualifier achieved the highest finishing position in; or (ii) in the event that such positions were equal in the Qualifying Leagues,  in the following order: Cash Tables, Sit N Go and  Multi-Table Tournaments The extra place(s) in the TSP Qualifier will be awarded to the 31st positioned player in the relevant Qualifying League which Multi-Qualifier did not qualify out of due to qualifying from a different Qualifying League.

•1.13       Please note points earned in The League are different to "Poker Points" and cannot be used to buy-into selected tournaments.

•1.14       Qualifying League points will only be earned by playing real money games as specified above.

•1.15       Qualifying League points will not be awarded for the following types of gameplay: Freerolls, Satellites, Invitational tournaments; Cash games where less than 3 players are dealt hole cards.

Team Sky Poker Winners

The final positions in each of the TSP Qualifier will receive the prizes as detailed in the table below:




Invitation to become Team Sky Poker player as detailed below


Invitation to become Team Sky Poker player as detailed below


Invitation to become Team Sky Poker player as detailed below


Invitation to become Team Sky Poker player as detailed below


Invitation to become Team Sky Poker player as detailed below


Invitation to become Team Sky Poker player as detailed below



•1.16       The winning player of each TSP Qualifier will be invited to be a Team Sky Poker player for a period of 3 months (the "Team Period") from the date of winning the relevant TSP Qualifier. The invitation will be conditional on the entering into an agreement with Sky Poker in relation to certain benefits that the winner, as a member of Team Sky Poker will receive and also certain actions and obligations which will be expected of the winning player. Some, but not all of these, are detailed in paragraphs 1.13 to 1.15 below, and changing and/or adding to these is at the absolute discretion of Sky Poker.

•1.17       The benefits of becoming a Team Sky Poker player include, but are not limited to, double cash for points during the Team Period. The double cash for points is awarded on the basis that half of the points will be converted into cash and held in the Team Sky Poker player's TSP Bankroll (the "TSP Bankroll") to be put towards the Guaranteed Buy-in (as defined below) and the remaining half will be credited to your account.

•1.18       During the Team Period, Sky Poker will guarantee to buy you into one or more offline poker tournaments of its choice in the United Kingdom up to a maximum aggregate value of £1,000 buy-in (the "Guaranteed Buy-in").

•1.19       In addition to the Guaranteed Buy-in, during the Team Period and for a period of the 3 months thereafter, Sky Poker may utilise any remaining funds within the Team Sky Poker player's TSP Bankroll after having paid the Guaranteed Buy-in, to buy that player into further offline poker tournaments of its choice in the United Kingdom. At the end of the period 3 months after the Team Period, any remaining balance in the Team Sky Poker player's TSP Bankroll, will be returned to that player's Sky Poker customer account.

•1.20       Team Sky Poker members,  will be required to wear Sky Poker and/or Team Sky Poker  branded apparel at all times during offline tournament play (unless local applicable law prohibits this) and for certain publicity/media events to be provided and selected by Sky Poker in its sole discretion.

•1.21       In the case that you qualify for next quarters TSP Qualifiers (cash, MTT or STT), you will be allowed to play in it if you are not being retained as  a Team Sky Poker member. If you are being retained as a member, your seat will go to the next highest qualifier. 

•1.22       General Sky Poker rules apply.

•1.23       Failure to meet any or all of these terms & conditions will lead to forfeiture of participation in The Team Sky Poker League. Sky Poker's decision will be final.

•1.24       Any attempts to manipulate play, as deemed entirely at Sky Poker's discretion, will result in permanent disqualification from The League and the forfeiture of all points & prizes acquired.

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