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Are you confused with what constitutes a type of player? If so, join Ross Jarvis and Rich Orford as they dissect the different types of players and their general style of game play. You can gather a lot of information about the players at your table as soon as you sit down. Some players are constantly placing bets in the pot, who are termed loose players and other players who rarely get involved are called tight players. Loose players are easier to beat as they play too many bad hands, whereas tight players only tend to play when they have strong hole cards and also get a flop that helps them. So while you are learning to play poker, just observe the players on your table to see which category they fall into.

1. Tight Aggressive - TAG


A) This player doesn't tend to get involved much, but are aggressive in their betting if they do pick up a hand.
B) Most likely to play premium starting hands.

2. Weak-Tight


A) These players are very passive, will not raise premium hands and can easily be pushed off a pot.
B) They are more likely to just call player's bet rather than putting in a raise.
C) They show no aggression and often lose value from not betting their big holdings. 

3. Calling Station


A) These are players that call too much, they just can't find the fold button!
B) Never try and bluff these players - ever!
C) Always bet your hands for value, you can value bet thinner too as they're more likely to call wider.

4. Loose-Aggressive - LAG


A) Opens and raises a lot, is very active at the table.
B) Likely to squeeze and punish limpers, using position to their advantage to raise the blinds frequently.
C) This style of play is not recommended for beginners.
D) This type of play can be exploited, simply wait for a hand and trap them! 

5. The Rock


A) Very tight players! Don't play many hands and will never bluff.
B) Their hands at showdown are usually only premium holdings.
C) Raise into these players more as they are passive and won't fight back without a hand.
D) Be weary when getting into a big pot as they will have a strong holding.

6. The Nit


A) Similar to a 'rocks' playing style. Only play strong holdings and won't be too active at the table.
B) Will usually exploit weaker players at the table.

When playing poker, whether online or live, you will come into contact with different players and playing styles. It's super important to be able to identify who's who and adapt your own playing style accordingly so you can make money from your opponents. 

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