Mini UKOPS makes a winning debut on Sky Poker

Tony 'Tikay' Kendall

Posted by Tony 'Tikay' Kendall 14th November 2016

When you think about it, it's quite surprising Sky Poker never did a Mini UKOPS before, but that's the great thing with looking through the rear-view mirror, it all looks so easy.  28 events in 7 days, and the vast majority of them sailing over the Guarantee. Sky Poker must be delighted, ditto their overwhelmingly loyal players.

OK, onto the Day 7 detail.

UKOPS 25 | 6.30pm, £2.20 entry, £500 Freezeout - rohan20

262 for the opener, so this came in 5% above Guarantee. Perfect.

History is made by the winner, recording his 2nd Mini UKOPS victory of the week, and his 3rd UKOPS win in total. He is the first and only player to win 2 x Mini UKOPS events, so take a bow rohan20. His 2 Mini UKOPS wins were in event 16, the Thursday closer, and event 25, the Sunday opener. Has any other player got 3 UKOPS wins to their credit? Can't be many in that club.

In 2nd place was mechanik - is his name Mike? - and he was looking over his shoulder at 3rd placed GFKIJKLL who managed to win the Sky Poker Sheriff Bounty Hunter twice in the space of a week in October.

In 9th place there was redemption for shawsok whilst Dirtydave8, who won Monday's opener, was 13th.

Mini-monies for The_Ruiner, the unmentionable FkingRiver, (favourite flop 4-K-J), and DontTellWorzilGummidge.

Finally, a mention for forum favourite and a good mate of mine, stokefc, who remained sober long enough to sneak into the money here.


UKOPS 26 | 7.30pm, £5.50 entry, £2,500 Bounty Hunter - rundagame

 566 runners nicely covered the Guarantee here.

Our winner was rundagame from groundsy99 and Toshiro.

Super veteran Sir_Gary was 8th, with pompeynic the plopper in 11th .

In 16th was M_Tutte, who is vying for top spot in the Mini UKOPS Total Player Leaderboard. 

A welcome cash for MAXALLY, who has been running bad all UKOPS.

phuse, who won the UKOPS Main over Easter for £4,000+, was 41st

Good to see Forum Fun comp winner Mr_Carps win a few bob, and in shock news, stokefc cashed for the 2nd event in a row.


UKOPS 27 | 8.30pm, £11.00 entry, £5,000 Freezeout - pacman77

A whopping 499 entrants for the last Main Event of Mini UKOPS, just 1 away from meeting the highest guarantee of the series.

Some things are just too hard to explain. The winner, pacman77, has taken nearly 8 years to play just 24 MTT's on Sky Poker, and shown nothing to suggest he can would anything decent, but he popped up here, did the business, and collected over £1,200. If this were a Newbury Handicap, pretty sure there would be a Stewards Inquiry, but it's poker, and these things can and do happen, they just do. Well done pacman

Tolinson16 was in the runner-up berth, with SHANXTA, and InsWinHere, both just back from Punta Cana, in 3rd and 5th respectively.

The dubious honour of Final Table Bubble fell to DivsDreams, one of the most profitable MTT players on Sky Poker, but we don't seem to see much of him these days. 

In 23rd was EnormousAl - probably best not to ask - and in 23rd was DontTelWorzilGummidge.

cincin62 was 30th, and you may think "so what?", but it reminded me of Cincins Poker Club in Glasgow that Dave Colclough opened in 2005, as I was his silent partner in the deal. Dave, as you likely know, passed away a few weeks ago at the age of 52, which was just tragic. Cincins Poker Club was nothing if not exciting, we even had a police raid in 2006, but we were eventually cleared of all charges of illegal gaming. The police had received a tip off from a rival Club so it was just a spoiler really. And I'd much rather a police raid than the Glasgow Heavy Mob pay us a visit, or the posting of an undated brick through the Club window. Scary times.

MAXALLY seemed to be running on late as he had another small cash here - perhaps he needs a longer trip? - and Melty picked up a mini-money too.


UKOPS 28 | 9.30pm, £5.50 entry, £1,500 Bounty Hunter - rooster666

My Dad always taught me to look on the bright side, and you might think Sky James would struggle to do so here, as this one missed Guarantee by the proverbial mile. It got just 383 runners, needing 500 to meet the £1,500 Guarantee. Here's the thing though - until 2 days ago, this was scheduled to have a £2,000 Guarantee, but a late decision to chop that by £500 turned out to be very wise. It's a bit like losing the minimum with Aces - it still hurts, but it could have been worse.

rooster666, of whom I know nothing, took the win, with crazynick4, who we mentioned at length in yesterday's article, in 2nd. This was Nick's 27th Sky Poker MTT in 6 long years, and after "no previous" he has had a 1st and a 2nd in consecutive nights.

Red_King was 7th, and rundagame, who won the 7.30pm UKOPS 26, in 12th.

MattBates, who seems to have come up short in Mini UKOPS, was 19th, and Forum Comp winner XBOOTNECK cashed too.


Almost done....

No more MTT's, but keep an eye on the Mini UKOPS Total Player Leaderboard - it's nip and tuck at the top, and the winners will be announced later today.


And finally

After 22 blogs in 19 days (5 x Punta Cana, 10 x UKOPS and 7 x Mini UKOPS) it's time to give my fountain pen and both my regular readers a rest.

Big "thank you" to Kirsty, who has to upload them all, after translating and decoding my scrawly writing, and that includes Saturdays and Sundays.

Well done also to Sam who oversaw everything, and James who put together a great schedule.

It was also Sam who gave the go-ahead for those daily Forum Fun comps we had during UKOPS, with well over £1,000 of prizes paid out.

Most of all, a big thank you to all the loyal Sky Poker players who supported Mini UKOPS. It's success was never in doubt, and you are all the GOAT.

Was it fun? Just a bit.

That's a wrap. 

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