Sky Poker Mini UKOPS gets off to a flying start

Tony 'Tikay' Kendall

Posted by Tony 'Tikay' Kendall 8th November 2016

Four events, and despite it clashing with the ever popular DTD 1, 2 and 3, good sized fields, with 3 of the 4 events covering with some comfort. Let's get on with it then.

Mini UKOPS 01 | 6.30pm, £2.20 entry, £500 Bounty Hunter - DORANO

Sky Poker's first ever Mini UKOPS started in splendid fashion, with a hefty field of 363 hopefuls, meaning the guarantee was surpassed by 45%. Lovely jubbly.

I did have a worry that I may not "know" many of the Mini UKOPS winners, but no danger here, as our winner was DORANO, who I know, in virtual terms, very well.

An ROI of 22% over 14,000 games since 2008 tells us this is a winning player by any standards and one who is loyal to Sky Poker. Almost exactly half of those 14,000 games were SNG's, and that is where I know DORANO from, as Dorry plays huge numbers of £0.50, £1, £2 and occasionally £3 PLO8 DYM's, so DORANO is a fully fledged Plopper.

Plopper? To save me keep explaining the terminology in every blog;

Plopper =  PLO8 player
Flopper = Fixed Limit player
Stopper = Stud player
Bopper = BH player
Hopper  = Hold'em player
Hupper = Heads Up player

Runner-up was ANGIE_GG, a 9,000 game veteran of Sky Poker, and in 3rd place was fatboy127, (not to be confused with Percy Plump), who collected £40. You might think £40 is not worth mention, but hold on a mo, it's all relative, and fatboy mainly plays Sky Poker Freerolls, so a £40 bink to him is the same as a £400 cash to those who play bigger stakes. I bet he is chuffed to bits, and why not?

Drysdale90, Dustywings and Excessive7 rounded out the Final Table. Forum regular Red_King was 9th, and The_eggs scrambled his way into 15th place. The other notable was Jac35 who did well to end up 11th. If Jac35 were a racehorse, the form book would say "dropped in class, wearing blinkers. May benefit  from a tongue strap and being gelded".

Mini UKOPS 02 | 7.30pm, £5.50 entry, £1,500 Bounty Hunter - darryl1976

468 Boppers tried their hand in the 7.30pm BH, meaning the guarantee was beaten by 56%, which will be music to the ears of Sky_James. For those unaware, Sky_James has been with Sky Poker about a year now, working with and reporting to Sky_Sam. He's a cracking lad, (James, not Sam) showing great promise for one so young. He is 13 and on a Work Experience attachment.

Our winner was the very accomplished darryl1976, who we can reasonably guess is 40 years old this year. Plenty of good results on his CV, the latest one of note being in the Sky Poker Summer Series - remember that? - back in July. He also has a Mini Roller win to his credit, so he knows his way around the game. Runner-up was IronBlue, with 10,000+ game veteran LittleGJ, who won a UKOPS Deepie last Xmas, in third. Honourable mentions go to forum regular FINS, and also to thetodd62, who also cashed in the 6.30.

Mini UKOPS 03 | 8.30pm, £11 entry, £3,000 Bounty Hunter - donttellmum

The 8.30 was the Mini UKOPS Monday Main Event, and with 436 entrants, came in 45% over guarantee.

I don't think I need tell you too much about the winner, as you must all know of him - donttellmum. He has several claims to fame, including a monster multi-tabling cash game player, and all round nice guy - doubt I've ever heard a bad word about him. On the negative side, for balance, he is a Newcastle lad, and quite the scruffiest lad you can ever imagine. Don't believe me? Well look at this photo of him, wearing a vest of all things during the recent Punta Cana Adventure, and tell me who is the scruffiest. Ridiculous.

Runner-up was sirmac333, followed by serial winner PBKR who has wins in £2,500 BH, £3,000 BH, £10,000 BH and Super Roller to his credit. 

Sticky Solly was 8th, Bus Bloke 10th, alancarr12, who won UKOPS 20 last week in 17th and StayOrGo 19th.

Mini UKOPS 04 | 9.30pm, £3.30 entry, £1,500 Bounty Hunter - dirtydave8

The evening closed with a £3.30 entry £1,500 BH which needed an ambitious 500 runners to cover, but came up just shy. Get outta here, Sky_James.

Pride of place went to the splendidly named dirtydave8. In 2nd place, and a guy who is showing really good form in MTT's of late is my friend and fellow Plopper, PompeyNic

Final Table Bubble Boy went to a really tremendous fella, with the alias of InsWinsHere. He was the guy who was pipped to a Punta Cana package by The Boy Nutter by just 15 minutes, then won the thing the very next week. He was enormous fun in Punta Cana, very personable, and was accompanied by his beautiful girlfriend. Sadly, he wore his baseball cap back to front. What can you say?

Finally, in 16th place, was a really nice lad, real name Andy, but his phonetic alias is actually banned on Sky Poker TV, lest Richard Orford labours the point, as he undoubtedly would - TwoAnchors. Please don't say that quickly, it sounds soooo bad. 

What's the recipe tonight, Jimmy?

You must pardon my homage to the great Jimmy Young, who sadly passed away yesterday.

4 more events tonight, with 3 Turbos and a Bopper, and £6,500 of guarantees.

Mini UKOPS 05 | £500 Turbo






Mini UKOPS 06 | £1,500 Turbo






Mini UKOPS 07 | £3,000 Turbo






Mini UKOPS 08 | £1,500 Bounty Hunter    






And finally...

I've exceeded my word count already today, but in brief, don't forget there is a £2,500 Mini UKOPS Leaderboard, which will be updated daily. If it's half as much fun as last week's one, it'll be worth following the Daily Leaderboard Updates. 

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