Sky Poker UKOPS XIX Day 4

Tony Kendall

Posted by Tony Kendall 15th April 2017

Limp2Lose wins Main Event

7pm - UKOPS 19, £3,000 Bounty Hunter, 212 runners, beat guarantee by 41%

Day 4 of UKOPS arrived and coincided with Good Friday. In 2016, the Easter UKOPS only begun on Good Friday, so the Suits were whistling in the dark a little in setting these Guarantees, and it'll be interesting to see how the Tournaments perform. 

The Total Player Leaderboard has been a great battle so far, too, with Markycash and Kevilfish dominating so far. However, with 4 days remaining as of yesterday morning, it's still all to play for.

The opener was, I hope, a portent of things to come as it beat Guarantee by a healthy 41%.

The winner here was a good friend of mine, glencoelad, aka George, who plays a lot of live poker at the Maybury in Edinburgh. The Maybury is perhaps the best looking Casino in the UK, being a 90 year old white painted Art Deco building just a mile from Edinburgh Airport. I'm not sure I could describe George as good looking, but he must be edging 90 years of age. Delighted for him, and of course Mrs George.

George has a very high conversion rate once he reaches a Final, and invariably finishes 1st or 2nd. Proper nightmare to play against, so commiserations to the runner up, MAXALLY, aka Alan.  MAXALLY has himself a shiny gold star on Sharky, and ranks number 2 for volume on Sky Poker on 2017, ahead even of young Matt Bates, so nobody can begrudge him this, and I'm pretty sure MAXALLY will reinvest most of his winnings by playing all the Mini UKOPS events next week.

The not-so-fishy mackarel21 was 3rd, ahead of lundie in 4th, and engy, a really great lad and friend of mine, in 5th.  

markycash and Hayden, who are battling away at the top of the Total Player Leaderboard in the style of Grundy and Bustino - remember them? - finished 10th and 12th respectively, so that battle looks like continuing for a while yet.

Meanwhile, Swansea's finest (and oldest) HAYSIE took a break from hammering away endlessly on the longest thread on the Sky Poker Forum to finish 19th, which was a very respectable result considering how he plays. He won't be winning the Total Player Leaderboard, I think we can guarantee that. For those a little alarmed at my acerbic comments as to HAYSIE, I should tell you that he is a long term friend of mine, and, you may be surprised to know, a really lovely bloke. (When he is asleep).

7:30pm - UKOPS 20, £3,000 Dealer Stealer, 99 runners, missed guarantee by 34%

This is UKOPS 19 in normal numbers, so perhaps appropriate that the first 19 Guarantees were all beaten, but that sequence came to a crashing end in Event 20 which missed by a whopping 34%.

Value was guaranteed, then, and poker pro 2guys1acct - an alias that always makes me wince - romped home in style from MrTucker and the ever consistent and, if I may say so, polite and respectful, goldnballz. IDCU was 4th, RogueCell, who must be due a UKOPS win soon 5th, and a guy named Guy, aka Direwolf, was 6th.

NOKTURNAL - who always plays well at night - was 8th, followed by LARSON7, and in 14th, StayOrGo making, let us hope, a late run at the Total Player Leaderboard. mattprawn was 13th, which is as exciting as it gets if you are an accountant by profession.

8pm - UKOPS 21, £15,000 Rebuy Bounty Hunter, 320 runners, beat guarantee by 3%

For the 2nd night running, the Main Event only just beat the Guarantee, quite surprising in this case as it was a Rebuy Bounty Hunter, which many Sky Poker players consider a marriage made in Heaven. 

Cracking winner in this one, Limp2Lose, who, as many of you know, is the son of a very proud father in StayOrGo, who does so much good work for charity here on Sky Poker. Runner-up was paris1995, who has a great CV on Sky Poker.

The beauty of poker is that, when the cards fall nicely, anyone can do well, and we saw this when HAYSIE somehow finished 3rd. As the saying goes, how do these things happen?

mattynicks, ash066pts and long03101 rounded out the final table. 

Leaderboard rivals ozzieowen, markycash and Kevilfish all recorded small cashes to keep their Total Player hopes alive.

8:30pm - UKOPS 22, £3,000 Rebuy Bounty Hunter, 208 runners, beat guarantee by 71%

This was the re-badged Mini, these always perform well and this was no exception, beating Guarantee by an eye-watering 71%.

It was a first UKOPS win in 5 years for whogoes, so congrats are in order, just ahead of THOICH in 2nd.

I don't know too many of the other cashees, so my apologies to them, but I did recognize Essexphil down in 19th, giving us a 2nd HAYSIE-style "how do these things happen?" of the evening.

9pm - UKOPS 23, £3,000 Bounty Hunter, 226 runners, missed guarantee by 10%

"It never rains" as the saying goes, and this was the 2nd missed Guarantee of the evening after a run of 19 consecutive covered Guarantees. Still, on the bright side it gives the players some extra value which I'm sure they will appreciate. 

Nice story here, too, as the winner only played their first MTT on Sky Poker 9 days ago, and has showed no form of note in that time, only to run away with this and collect over £900. Well done to karaokechr.

gunney and bigsid were 2nd and 3rd, whilst in 4th place was 1nitro1 who was going along well until he blew up.

neenio and harrypump were 5th and 6th respectively. Yet another close but no cigar for Roguecell (7th), and the surprise result of the evening was GrumpyJac35 in 26th place, perhaps distracted by the sight of his beloved Derby County being given a sound thrashing by Brentford.

10pm - UKOPS 24, £4,000 Turbo Bounty Hunter, 79 runners, missed guarantee by 1%

A real surprise to see this one miss Guarantee, albeit only by 1.

No surprise, however, to see it won by jordz16, one of the most successful MTT-ers on Sky Poker. kalin68, fairymagic, diaper10 and 59pockets were 2nd to 5th respectively, with RAKKKI, the only player ever to win 3 UKOPS Events in one Series only managing 6th on this occasion.

DivsDreams and SOLACK were close up, and about time too, as Div is a great player and SOLACK who once called an UTG raise from me with K-J, which seemed wholly disrespectful, generally gets very lucky.

Finally, if you want proof of the power of variance, the bottom 4 in this 79 runner affair were markycash, Curt360x26, day4eire76 and StayOrGo, all 4 of whom are seriously good players. Yet again "how do these things happen?" springs to mind.

Total Player Leaderboard

markycash seems to have opened up a big lead at the top, but has he made his move too soon?

Kevilfish and Hayden are on his case, whilst devil_tear and ozzieowen both closed the gap on Day 3. More exciting than The Archers, this.

UKOPS XIX Day 5, Saturday

6 Events, 6 Bounty Hunters. Should be a cracking night.

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