UKOPS XIX Day 5 Review

Tony Kendall

Posted by Tony Kendall 16th April 2017

fitzy_1 takes the day's Main Event

5pm - UKOPS 25, £3,000 Bounty Hunter, 153 runners, missed guarantee by 23% 

A very good morning to you all on Easter Sunday, and I hope your day is peaceful and satisfying.

Yesterday was day 5 of 7 of UKOPS XIX and it is moving along nicely now.

With 153 runners, the opener missed guarantee by some distance. Maybe a 5pm start, what with a full football programme, was a bit early, with hindsight.

Our winner was leez, who has been with sky Poker since 2009. Does not play huge volume, but has had several 4 figure scores and is clearly handy.    

Runner-up was jd44, who you may not be too familiar with. His biggest MTT cash here was all the way back in June 2008, when he won £4,500.

In 3rd was kawamattyz, then our friend NOKTURNAL, stuiam and IDCU.

Sky Poker regulars TheDart (7th), MAXALLY (13th) and timeforbed (17th) all enjoyed deep runs.

20th spot went to INTHEDARK, who we can reasonably assume is a kindred spirit of the 4th placed NOKTURNAL.

In 14th and 15th were a brace of blasts from the past in Hurst05 and beaneh. Hursty has never been away really, but was furniture here back in the day. He's a good looking boy who had the hots for Anna Fowler. Back of the queue, Son.

beaneh used to play a good deal here, but has been MIA during 2017 until last week. Always good to see regulars from back in the day return.

7pm - UKOPS 26, £3,000 Bounty Hunter, 191 runners, beat guarantee by 27%

Our winner was sjacko89, who last graced the Sky Poker winner's enclosure just over a month ago when he took down a £5,000 guaranteed Bounty Hunter on a Sunday evening.

Runner-up was Grayston, who was securing his biggest MTT cash in 9 years here at Sky Poker. Fair to say he has not put in much MTT volume in those 9 years, just 228 MTT's, but it's always pleasing to see loyalty rewarded. 

I know nothing of grantos888 in 3rd place - sorry bud, if you happen to read this - but I know plenty about the guys who finished 4th, 5th and 6th, and that includes some fascinating and juicy facts.

For instance, TheDart (4th) takes his alias - DART - from the Dublin Area Rapid Transit system. How cool is that?

In 5th was Essexphil. If you have ever watched the gangster movie "Goodfellas", the character of Morrie Kessler, aka "Mo" was based on Essexphil.

Finally, in 6th was Mattprawn, an Accountant. I'm sure there is something vaguely interesting about Matt's life, and if it comes to mind I'll be sure to tell you.

A few familiar names in the close but no cigar department were DustoLucko (12th) LmfaoAllin (16th), waller02 earning £££'s not lbs (17th), and Curt360x27 (19th).

I could be making something of a fool of myself here - not too difficult a task - but I think that 20th placed dameflop is the better half - and a very much better half she is (might even be his Daughter) - of glencoelad, aka George.

8pm - UKOPS 27, £3,000 Bounty Hunter, 147 runners, missed guarantee by 2%

fitzy_1 was first across the line in this, which was the night's Main Event, so in addition to a chunky wedge of moolah, he gets himself a nice shiny Sky Poker UKOPS Bracelet.

The backstory here is that his first Sky Poker MTT was all the way back in 2010 - Essexphil still had hair then - but he departed Sky Poker MTT's and was not spotted here until February of this year, since when he has amassed 8 or 9 MTT cashes, though with one exception (£600) they were all for just a few hundred quid.  Until last night, that is, when he collected a very handy £3,400. Love stories like that, and in my little world there's much to be said for perseverance, patience, persistence and potatoes. Especially potatoes.

Runner-up was terrier922, and if he looks at his Sharky graph this morning he'll be chuffed to bits, as it suddenly goes vertical.     

Another nice story in 3rd, which went to TOKEMON. This player can most usually be seen in Freerolls or relatively smallball MTT's, typically £1 or £2. Suddenly he turned up last night in a £100er and finished 3rd for £1,100+. Bet that feels amazingly good.

In 4th was a hero of mine, Hotwheals, who takes his alias from his wheelchair. Good player, good bloke and always upbeat and cheerful, no matter what. Not the sort of chap you'll ever see on the Forum moaning and groaning every day. God bless him.

Poker Pro and general hotshot RUNITSRANN was 7th, followed by launder, and just outside the top dozen was MattBates who has had a quiet UKOPS XIX so far.

8:30pm - UKOPS 28, £2,500 Bounty Hunter, 622 runners, beat guarantee by 24%

I don't know a thing about the players who final tabled this, so I'll not waffle or make it up, except to say well done to the winner, buzka who has not won, or even cashed in a UKOPS event before as far as I can see, so well done him.

9pm - UKOPS 29, £5,000 Bounty Hunter, 261 runners, beat guarantee by 4%

The winner's name is really awkward to type, with it's unsymmetrical juxtaposition of upper and lower case letters, so with due respect to him - or her - I hope he does not cash too often. Even so, many congrats to baDbEAteN.

The consistently successful DW1414 was runner up, followed by another regular finalist in JonTSnow.

In 5th place was DumbMo, who is sneaking up on the leaders in the Total Player Leaderboard, with day4eire76 (8th), MattBates (17th), DustoLucko (18th) and MilitantG (24th). 

10pm - UKOPS 30, £4,000 Turbo Bounty Hunter, 81 runners, beat guarantee by 1%

This went to ash066pts, who you may remember was 5th in the big £20 rebuy won by limp2lose a day or two ago.

Runner-up was Omm, which pleased me no end as he is a genuinely good man who has endured some nasty real life problems for a few years without ever complaining. When I became unwell recently, he was amongst the first to wish me well and offer good advice.

In third was the wonderfully named jotheblag1.

waller02 just missed the final table, MattBates was 15th just 2 spots ahead of his mate TommyD, with Darty in 21st.

Total Player Leaderboard

A very odd day, with not much movement in the Leaderboard, with the exception of DumbMo who had 3 cashes on the day so jumped into the Top 6. At the head of affairs, a quiet night for the leader, markycash, who added just 5 points to his total. He was probably due a quiet night.  

Easter Sunday

Big night tonight, with 7 events, including the UKOPS XIX Main Event which carries a hefty £30,000 Guarantee, and over £50,000 in Guarantees overall.

If you plan to play, good luck.

UKOPS 31 £2,000 Bounty Hunter






UKOPS 32 £3,000 Deep Stack






UKOPS 33 £5,000 Bounty Hunter












UKOPS 35 £2,500 Mini Freezeout






UKOPS 36 £5,000 Bounty Hunter






UKOPS 37 £4,000 Turbo Bounty Hunter                           






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