UKOPS XIX Day 7 Review

Tony Kendall

Posted by Tony Kendall 18th April 2017

It's a bit like Christmas, or our annual holiday at the seaside. We count the sleeps, get increasingly excited, and then, in the blink of an eyelid, it's all over. So it is with UKOPS XIX which finished last night, how is it that it seems to be so long coming and then it's all over so quickly?

Anyway, the final day of UKOPS XIX had another 7 events, including a Big Buck High Roller, so let's see who did what.  

5pm - UKOPS 38, £2,000 Bounty Hunter, 170 runners, missed guarantee by 17%

Once again a 5pm start resulted in a missed guarantee. I suspect the next UKOPS will either reduce the guarantees for the early starts, or just start later. Shame, but it was worth trying.

The winner was Trojan1904, of whom I know nothing, though if 1904 represents his year of birth, he is older than pomfrittes. Just.

Runner-up was the intriguingly-named terrytwomore, followed by JC259, and in 4th place magicalman who is having a good weekend, as he won UKOPS 35 just a day earlier. nslater and idtent rounded out the final table.  

Perhaps I'm easily amused, but I did rather like the alias of the player in 9th - HurriKane. Good work Mr Kane.

7pm - UKOPS 39, £3,000 Dealer Stealer, 163 runners, beat guarantee by 9%

If at first you don't succeed...

On Friday, a UKOPS Dealer Stealer missed guarantee by a whopping 34%, easily the worst performance by any MTT in this iteration of UKOPS. There was some chit chat in the office that the next Dealer Stealer would bomb, too, but Sky James was having none of it. "I bet it covers guarantee easily" he croaked from his sickbed. As Sky Sam is fond of saying, James never makes a mistake. Well, hardly ever. Ish.

The winner of this rather odd format MTT was bar2004, and I was chuffed to bits for bar, who has been here 7 years and played over 17,000 MTT's. Had a few nice binks in that time, too, including a Super Roller 3 years back for just shy of £5,000. Amongst the finalists Bar beat that day back in 2014 was Sam1986. Whatever happened to him anyone know? Great player, personable and good looking lad who was absolutely fearless at the tables, especially cash games. Maybe he still plays here, I don't know, but I've not seen him in a while. 

Minor podium spots yesterday went to lundie and the ever popular GSmith13, followed by chw, darryn1963 and Doudeau. 

JUSTMUFC and Dumbmo, both chasing Total Player Leaderboard points, were 9th and 10th respectively. Other notables spotted included 68Trebor (14th), Hotwheals (17th) Itsover4u (18th), and MattBates (993rd).

7:30pm - UKOPS 40, £25,000 High Roller Rebuy, 45 runners, beat guarantee by 2%

With a £530 price tag, there were probably a few sighs of relief in the office to see this one get over the guarantee line, albeit only by 1.

45 entries and 6 rebuys just about did the job, and it was certainly a tough one to win with all the Big Boys and Hotshots giving it a spin.

Good winner, too, in BrayCorp83 who was winning his 3rd UKOPS event in 3 years, with 1st prize money, in date order, of £2,000, £4,000 and now £8,000+. If he continues that sequence, the next one will be a whopper.

Runner-up was AhCacao. Interestingly, he only started playing Sky Poker MTT's a week ago, and has notched up 4 UKOPS cashes in that time. Eye-catching stuff.

Delighted to see MilitantG in third - he's a real good guy - Tormas77 4th, albania, fresh from winning the Main Event 24 hours earlier in 5th, and JCordy, who won entry via a Frenzy satellite, in 6th.

Just missing the Final Table was fitzy_1, who won Saturday's Main Event and a UKOPS bracelet, with like2biteu taking the final cash spot in 8th.

Perusing the 45 entries for this, I don't ever recall seeing a higher class field on Sky Poker, all the really good players were present, so this one took a bit of winning.

8pm - UKOPS 41, £15,000 Bounty Hunter, 137 runners, missed guarantee by 10%

The cat was well and truly amongst the Leaderboard pigeons after this result, as it was won by DumbMo, and this was his 2nd UKOPS win and 5th UKOPS Top Ten of the Series. Markycash will be looking nervously over his shoulder, as DumbMo will shoot up the Leaderboard with this win.

Runner-up was RAKKKI, completing a UKOPS XIX Trifecta - 1st, 2nd and 3rd - which only one other player (THOICH) can match. RAKKKI also holds the record for most wins in a single UKOPS series - 3.

Melty was 3rd for his best result of UKOPS XIX, with Cabbage130, FuzzyDare and 59pockets filling the remaining final spots.

7th to 17th was a real Who's Who of Sky Poker. TommyD was 7th, and Markycash doubtless relieved to be 8th and snaffle a few more Leaderboard points in the process.  Great to see MacMonster have a good run (9th), glencoelad (10th), MattBates (13th), Darty (14th), devil_tear (15th), Bromley04 (16th), and Sky Poker Ambassador Mr Neil Andrew Channing (17th).   

On a point of trivia, did you know that Neil Channing turns 50 later this year? I remember him when he was barely middle-aged, now he's a bona-fide wrinkly.  

8:30pm - UKOPS 42, £2,500 Mini Bounty Hunter, 530 runners, beat guarantee by 6%.

The 530 runner Mini had a Final Table who are all strangers to me, though I do know that the winner - MYT - was enjoying his best ever result in 5 years here at Sky Poker, so well done on a MYTee good result.

The other finalists, in finishing order were LIAM92446, The_Chris, jinder, RODDERS45 and smallunit.   

9pm - UKOPS 43, £5,000 Bounty Hunter, 212 runners, missed guarantee by 18%

Really not sure why this one missed Guarantee by so much, but I imagine James will be summoned by Sam this morning to explain what went wrong.  Sam will be super mardy, too, as he is a Leeds United fan, and they got turned over at home yesterday.

Well done to heellloooo on this, his maiden UKOPS victory after a few near misses. Thisltedu was runner-up, followed by KickaStink, Ray7, HotTramp and mowmow.

Minor monies went to the likes of Zippy146, MAXALLY, BrayCorp83, Dustolucko, and LmfaoAllin. Oh, and HurriKane gets a mention too, as he has such a great alias.

10pm - UKOPS 44, £4,000 Turbo Bounty Hunter, 81 runners, beat guarantee by 1%

Cracking finale to UKOPS XIX, this, with the Final Table being a corker.

The eventual winner was devil_tear, this was this lovely young man's third Top 10 of the series, and fully deserved too. It should propel him to a high Leaderboard finish, too. I'll be very surprised and disappointed if he fails to turn his Leaderboard prize into a Viva Las Vegas package.

Runner-up was JUSTMUFC, this was his fifth Top Ten and third top three of the Series, which is real consistency.   

3rd and 4th were loololollo and pacmeist07, with fitzy_1, who won the Main on Saturday, next up. In 6th was albania, for his 5th Top 10 of the Series, including a 1st and a 2nd.

So that's that, and another UKOPS has been and gone. As far as I can see, most players seem to have enjoyed it, though it's hard to be sure, and there's more chance of a snap General Election than poker players actually admitting they enjoyed something.

Total Player Leaderboard

Who took this down? Did Markycash hang on, or was he pipped at the post? The final Leaderboard will be published later today, so don't forget to check it out, especially as prizes go down to 20th place.

Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

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