UKOPS XVII Day 8 Timmy Timmy Timmy, RaRaRa

Tony 'Tikay' Kendall

Posted by Tony 'Tikay' Kendall 5th November 2016

Lovely to see TimmyRaRa take down tonight's biggie. He's a big winner on Sky Poker, along with the likes of MattBates, TommyD,  Wacko90, StayOrGo, donttelmum and Melty, but they all prove that winners don't have to be aggro and angsty in real life, nor do they need to get mouthy at the table. Will Kassouf take note.

All 4 guarantees were thrashed tonight, with 2 of the 4 events coming in close to double the guarantee. Sky James will be chuffed to bits.

UKOPS 32 | 7pm, £22 entry, £2,000 Rebuy - M0n3yman

The evening started with a bang, as the £2,000 Rebuy made £4,400.

M0n3yMan, often seen playing nosebleed stakes heads up on Sky Poker, took this one down. He must enjoy rebuys, as he won the £8,000 guaranteed Super Rebuy in early October. What a final this must have been, with Arrogant, chicknMelt, TommyD, unbpower and Rockmounte battling it out.

Further cashes for gadgerno1 (he has 5 UKOPS XVII cashes now), The_Reflex, and RogueCell.

Worth mentioning that TommyD is now in a very exclusive club of players who have made over £100,000 of profit in Sky Poker in MTT's. MattBates heads that little group, north of £136,000, but watch out boys, as StayOrGo will be joining you any day now.

UKOPS 33 | 8pm, £110 entry, £15,000 Bounty Hunter Main Event - TimmyRaRa

With a £15,000 guarantee, this was a worry, but it got over the line with a bit to spare.

The winner was the ever popular Mr Nice Guy, TimmyRaRa, who proves that you don't have to be Mr Snarly to be a top quality player.

Kevilfish was touched off in 2nd, with smallpete, MilitantG and Melty also on the final table. 

Limp2Lose was 7th, 8 spots better than his Dad, StayOrGo, and in 8th was Marmite11, who many people hate.

Further cashes for TommyD, DeepStakes and cpfc_2010. Special mention goes to the Glaswegian plopper, churchy18, who organises the Thursday Night PLO8 League. Read into this what you will, but when I share a table with Brian (churchy), he scares the life out of me. All I can tell you is that he is predictably unpredictable, and if you can put him on a hand, then I refer you to Gunga Din. Well done Brian, well pleased for you.

UKOPS 34 | 9pm, £22 entry, £5,000 Bounty Hunter - 2Guys1Acct

With the 2 Rebuys out of the way, it was back to Bounty Hunters for game 3, and the £5,000 guarantee was made to look silly as this one came in at £7,800.

Our hero was 2Guys1Acct, an alias that always makes me shudder, but in this case, he is as straight as a die.

In 4th place was Mancunian junior10, who was one of the stars and personalities of the recent Sky Poker Punta Cana Adventure. 6th was a man I know nothing of at all, but I have to namecheck him as he has the most splendid alias - DanSJTonks. Stonker, that.

goldnballz, kettle9930, 1267, SJSpanky1 and jubb all featured in the money.

Spare a thought - but no sympathy, this is poker - for JAKEYRAKEY, who could only finish 17th despite taking 10 head prizes. Takes some doing, that, even the winner only took 8.

UKOPS 35 | 10pm, £55 entry, £4,000 Turbo Bounty Hunter - MUZOWNED 

Day 8 ended with the now traditional £4,000 Turbo Bounty Hunter. I don't need to tell you by now that it left the guarantee in tatters, coming in at £5,900, which is almost par for this MTT.

MUZOWNED, who I don't recall doing too well in previous UKOPS, but who has won the Sky Poker Super Roller twice and plenty more besides, took this one down.

In 2nd was 235467 (wonder if that was a typo?) and TimmyRaRa cashed again in 6th. Our Bubble Boy was MRBLEWPIE - the sun is shining, there ain't a cloud in sight - and it's odd that he has only recently come to our attention. MRBLEWPIE please tell us why you had to hide away for so long.

Total Player Leaderboard

A right tussle at the top here, and all I can predict is that there may well be a surprise or two between now and the final MTT of UKOPS XVII on Sunday night, so if you are in the leading bunch, keep trying, as you never know.

And tonight's offering?

I would not be expecting too many fireworks tonight, but all 4 events are sparklers and should go off with a bang.

UKOPS 36 | £3,000 Bounty Hunter






UKOPS 37 | £20,000 BH Main Event






UKOPS 38 | £5,000 Bounty Hunter






UKOPS 39 | £4,000 Turbo Bounty Hunter         






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