UKOPS Day Two dominated by BLUFFA and RogueCell

Tony 'Tikay' Kendall

Posted by Tony 'Tikay' Kendall 29th December 2016

A quite remarkable evening, as BLUFFA360 wins TWO of the 7 events, and RogueCell gets her UKOPS win.

All 7 events sailed over their guarantee and we had a real variety of winners and cashers as Sky Poker UKOPS XVIII got into its stride.

Ok, off we go.

UKOPS 8 | 5pm, £11 entry, £2,000 Bounty Hunter

312 runners for the Day Two opener, coming in a healthy 64% over guarantee.

No excuses, no messing, nothing up his sleeve, it was NOGIMMICKS who took this down, collecting some £550 for his £11 investment. Nice.

SHUGGIEJ broke his UKOPS duck in 2nd, whilst STEEL_FURY, with plenty of decent results on his CV, also secured his first UKOPS final table with a well-earned 3rd place.

DANILEGEND ran 4th, with Sky Poker Forum regular MACCOL in 6th.

5th place, and his 3rd UKOPS cash of this series was MRTUCKER, who is making a play at winning the Total Player Leaderboard, after being placed 2nd after Day One.

UKOPS 09 | 7pm, £22 entry, £2,000 Bounty Hunter

I had to do a double take when reg closed for this. HOW MANY runners? Needing 100 to cover, it got a whopping 240 runners, beating guarantee by 140%.

Amongst the smaller cashers were MRTUCKER (2nd cash of the night, and 4th of the series), BLACKPUMA, who comes across on the Forum as a proper Gent, MAXALLY (Liverpool 4, Stoke City 1), and last night's Man of the Moment __Smoothe_ who was cashing for the 5th occasion. 

14th was JORDZ16, who was simultaneously winning the 7.30pm PLO, Steel_Fury made it 2 cashes from 2 this evening, and regular MTT hotpot GSMith13, having a quiet UKOPS so far, was 9th

So to the Final, and I was delighted to see young Bromley023 amongst the 6 hopefuls. I began by saying "well done Adam", then saw Natalie get it all-in very first hand with J-J v 10-10, only to be outdrawn almost before she could remind me that her name was Natalie not Adam. By now she had busted, so my insta-bok was probably ill-timed. Sorry Natterley.

Next out was tallboy, fresh from his 3rd place in the PLO, so a deece night for him, and banana10 was out in 4th after peeling once too often.

3rd was a real blast from the past, Anjie1970, who used to play a great deal here, and very successfully too.  

Heads up it was barneyk who eventually took the runner-up spot after the impressive BLUFFA360 played his big stack like a beast to notch his maiden UKOPS victory.

UKOPS 10 | 7.30pm, £22 entry, £1,000 Pot Limit Omaha

The arguments go back and forth on the Forum about the popularity of UKOPS PLO events and this set the cat amongst the pigeons big time with an impressive 80 runners, 60% above guarantee.

Curiously though, the field - and result - was dominated by NLH players, perhaps demonstrating that sheer aggression in the hands of really good players works no matter what the format is. Many PLO players like to limp in to see flops, but that won't often work against aggro players who rightly recognize serial limpers as the ultimate freeroll. 

Minor cashes went to a Viva Las Vegas winner from some years back, W4RLOCK and FEELGROGGY, who is surely too young to vote, never mind play PLO which is a game for proper grown-ups. STEEL_FURY - 2nd in tonight's opener - was 9th, and DiggerMan, with whom I shared a memorable night in Swansea many years ago along with the legendary James Fisher, 8th. James Fisher made a living selling counterfeit clothes and shoes, and I only paid him £10 for a magnificent pair of Timberland boots. Shame the soles are stamped "TIBMERLNAD", but what do you expect for a tenner?

The final table bubbler was I8PALACE.

First exit in the final was 1317, who has close to 10,000 MTT's on Sky Poker to his name, but this was his maiden UKOPS Final.  In 5th was JARV1 who has a decent PLO pedigree.

MUZOWNED was the big chippie with 4 left but it all went Pete Tong and he exited next in 4th.

Meanwhile, JORDZ16, tail end Charlie with 4 left was winning pots for fun and soon headed the remaining three. Urged on by railers during the break he typed "I regged for this by mistake"...... He was also deep in another UKOPS at the time, too. MBN to be so gifted.

TALLBOY, with Sky Poker since the dark ages, was looking to better his previous UKOPS best - 2nd in November 2015 - but came up just shy in 3rd.

That left the two J's - Jonjo75 and JORDZ16.  JONJO was 2nd in a UKOPS back in 2013 but any hopes of bettering that were crushed by JORDZ16 who was on fire and was not to be denied.

Credit to all the finalists in this, was a perfect pleasure to watch. 

UKOPS 11 | 8pm, £55 entry, £10,000 Rebuy

Punters love a rebuy and this one was always going to smother its guarantee, and it did so comfortably, beating the line by 23%.

A tremendous win for albania here, his 2nd of the series after a win and a cash on Day One, and it was a good heads up battle before he eventually felled TIMBER. A shiny UKOPS bracelet is being posted to albania. That's albania, not Albania.

Tedson was 3rd, Arrogant 4th, Esme05 5th, and that cantankerous old Welshman and two-time Viva Las Vegas winner, HAYSIE in 6th.

Delighted to see Omm in 9th, he's a top, top bloke and a proper man, with SkootaT in 12th and MattBates, having a quiet UKOPS 13th.

TheDart - anyone with an alias named after Dublin Area Rapid Transit is ok by me - was 14th, TOWIEP 16th, and Bromley04 17th, unable to do as well as his office typist had done in the 7pm UKOPS.

Not so good for Jordz16 this time - he bubbled, and there were min-cashes for Wiked, jawzindawz, devil_tear and SkootaT. 

UKOPS 12 | 8.30pm, £5.50 entry, £3,000 Rebuy

This came in 26% over guarantee, and the winner, a 6 year veteran on Sky Poker, was recording his biggest ever win on the site, just under £1,000, so take a bow gorthern1. It's amazing, when you peruse these results every night, how many players stay with Sky Poker down the years, through thick and thin.

Much the same can be said for the runner-up, frankaa, who collected £500 in 2nd place, which is 5 times more than his biggest previous cash here. Well done him. Or her.

gandalf111 was 3rd and JAKE111 4th. What are the chances of two payers with the 111 appendix finishing adjacent? JAKE111 was also collecting his biggest ever Sky Poker cash.

Another of the Usual Suspects was in 6th place, Keysasoze6, who first cashed in a UKOPS over 4 years ago.

Close but no cigar AGAIN for RogueCell in 7th. Will she EVER win one of these?

Notables amongst the smaller cashees were several who have already done well in this UKOPS - TheDart, SkootaT, IAMAF1SH, MUZOWNED, and yesterday's hero, _Smoothe_

Good to see Limp2Lose cash, too - he is StayOrGo's son, George I think, and daddy Graham is immensely proud of him. Quite right too, proper chip off the old block.

UKOPS 13 | 9pm, £22 entry, £5,000 Bounty Hunter

This came in a very healthy 46% over guarantee, oioi.

Those who read the Day One UKOPS Blog yesterday - both readers, that is - would have noted this comment;

"We must mention RogueCell who finished 8th. A consistent performer in UKOPS but never seems to get the coveted 1st place."

Well this was the patented Tony Kendall reverse anti-bok at work, for, at last, Clare (Claire?) got her UKOPS win last night, BOOMIO. She certainly deserves it after coming so close, so often.  She was able to stuff her purse with north of £1,100, so well done her.

I must say, there was THE most extraordinary hand in the final of this, between ITIZIME (who finished 3rd) and the eventual winner, RogueCell.

I'm not 100% sure of the board, but it was almost certainly J-K-K-10-4, or very similar. Deffo 4 Broadway cards and a rivered 4.

ITIZIME now bets the River. Not huge, almost an "I want a call" sized bet, and RogueCell called.

ITIZIME was trying to nick the pot - fair enough -  with 6-5. In effect, 6-high. (His 5 did not play). And RogueCell looked him up with.......6-5.

How about THAT for a hero call? Note to self - This Lady is not for bluffing. It certainly reminded me why I gave up playing NLH and headed for the warmer climes of the 4 card game. I could never make that call in a zillion years.

In 2nd place was Lank21, and in 4th was another UKOPS cash for saus21, who was 2nd in the same event on Day One.  BIGJAY and Rossybee16 were 5th and 6th.

Plenty of familiar names cashed too, including LMFAOALLIN, LyonsBob06, PlumpPercy, and zeeco, who won the opener on Day One just a week after breaking his Sky Poker duck in the Xmas Bounty Hunter. "zeeco showed much improved form" as the Stewards at Newbury might say.

StayOrGo, I8PALACE, TheBoyNutter and that man _Smoothe_ all cashed too.

UKOPS 14 | 10pm, £55 entry, £4,000 Turbo Bounty Hunter

This one is always odds on to beat the guarantee, and tonight was no exception, coming in 35% higher.

And we saw a quite remarkable result, that rarest of beats, a UKOPS double on the same night, when BLUFFA360, fresh from winning the 240 runner 7pm UKOPS took this one down too. Well done BLUFFA, that puts you in an elite category, and you must also be in good shape for the TOTAL PLAYER LEADERBOARD.

His fellow finalists were pocketnine, KINGBING24, YorkshireG, jas69, and 1317 who also final tabled the UKOPS PLO earlier in the evening.

Close up, but no cigar, were luminaries such as LyonsBob06, MattBates, MrTucker (again), DivsDreams, Arrogant, and in 25th place, Liverpool4,Stoke1

Total Player £5,000 Leaderboard

albania has shot to the top after Day 2, with TIMBER and BLUFFA360 both entering the top 6, with SadBarsteward, RogueCell, _Smoothe_ and MrTucker all handily placed.

Plenty of play in this yet.

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