Sky Poker UKOPS Day 3 dominated by High Roller DAVE

Tony 'Tikay' Kendall

Posted by Tony 'Tikay' Kendall 30th December 2016

An excellent Day Three of UKOPS XVIII, with DAVEMCDAID taking down the High Roller, and a strong performance from StayOrGo as he bids to win the Total Player Leaderboard he strongly argued for. That would be incred, but he has a tough fight on his hands.

With the weather not so good, the Sky Poker tables were heaving, and all 7 events comfortably beat guarantee. If only it could be Christmas and dreary weather all year, eh?

UKOPS XVIII, has gone without a hitch so far, well done Sky James, but beware, Plimsoll Sam returns to work today so the wheels could yet fall off.

Let's push on with the waffle then.     

UKOPS 15 | 5pm, £11 entry, £2,000 Bounty Hunter

Day 3 action got under way with the usual BH, and once again, the Sky Poker Massive showed their affection for the format, beating G'tee by 31.5%.

Our winner was tAAggart who celebrated his 99th Sky Poker MTT with his biggest win to date, at just over £400. Meanwhile, runner up SQUARKEY has over 5,000 MTT's here. In 3rd, was SMARTGOAT with his maiden UKOPS Final Table, 4th was 72off5uit, and the steadily profitable cabbaz in 5th.

I imagine there was a sigh of relief from bearlyther, who registered his first UKOPS cash of the series. For a player who resides in the Top 10 most profitable MTT-ers on Sky Poker in 2016, you'd expect to see him cashing in plenty of these, but variance shows no favours to anyone. Maybe he'll go on a roll now. 

There were small cashes for, amongst others, MKGunner, SenorBegs, tallboy, and StayOrGo.

UKOPS 16 | 7pm, £22 entry, £2,000 Freezeout

With 170 entries this covered by 70%. If only all Freezeouts did so well.

Winner was the increasingly successful SkootaT. With Sky Poker just 7 months he has accumulated over 3,000 MTT's already and numerous nice cashes and wins. You'll hear a lot more of this fella. 

gimedaloot showed improved form in 2nd for his best ever cash since he began playing here in April.

In 4th place was young Groggy, who must be close to the most profitable MTT-er on Sky Poker in 2016. Just imagine how good he will be when he leaves school and starts shaving.

MKGunner was 6th, for his 2nd cash of the evening.

In 8th was I8PALACE (what would that team give to be 8th?), and he has been the Nearly Man this UKOPS, but there's time yet.

A 2nd cash of the evening for bearlyther - told you he could go on a roll - and there was a fifth UKOPS XVIII cash for Steel_Fury.  

I must give mention to my special mate Red-Dog, who collected a few bob in 18th. He and I used to share cars and hotel rooms and a lot else besides when we played the circuit all over Europe 10 or 12 years ago. Now, like me, he has found poker happiness playing smallball poker. I guess it's good to be good, but being bad is not bad.

UKOPS 17 | 7.30pm, £530 entry, £25,000 High Roller

You might think there would be a sigh of relief in Sky Towers that this one covered the Guarantee - just. Earlier in the day however, Sky James predicted exactly that, suggesting that it would come in bang on the number based on his research of the data. Well done James, who never makes a mistake. (T&C's apply).

With £8,000 up top, this was always going to be hotly contested, but the boys treated us to a battle royal. 

MilitantG and leez were 8th and 7th, and the two first final table casualties were TheDart and JMcCririck.

Then it really started, with scrivener brutally outdrawn when his J-J looked in great shape v the deuces of DAVEMCDAID, but a 2 in the door put scrivener in a jamb and that was that.

Blows were traded left, right and centre then between StayOrGo, IhadTRips7 and DAVEMCDAID, with the latter always holding the upper hand due to stack dynamics. StayOrGo had IhadTRips on the ropes with his KQ AIPF v IHADTRIPS7 with J-10cc, but an all club flop was just the ticket, but StayOrGo doubled up the very next hand, and so it continued.

StayOrGo eventually departed in 3rd place, but gave a splendid account of himself. In fact it was a very special evening for StayOrGo, as you will see if you pay a visit to the Poker Chat Board on the Sky Poker Forum today.

IhadTrips was in a world of pain now, with 10 Bigs and a 10-1 chip defect v the ultra aggro Heads Up specialist DAVEMCDAID, and despite giving his all, that deficit was too much, and we had a new UKOPS High Roller winner.

A tremendous tournament, and credit to all involved, it was a pleasure to watch these boys play proper poker. No bad blood either, it was all warm and cordial. Strange how the better players take their beats so well, whereas the chatbox of a £2 DYM can be pretty toxic at times.

UKOPS 18 | 8pm, £110 entry, £15,000 Bounty Hunter

And so to the Main Event, which with 195 entries at £110 was 30% above the £15,000 guarantee.  

Our winner was Chrissy_C, who joins a very select group of players who have collected three UKOPS wins. His first was in the November '13 UKOPS, followed 2 months later by another in the Xmas UKOPS. Add in a Sunday Major win 2 months ago - fending off Boring Accountant to do so - and last night's win was not such a surprise.

Heads up and with a 2-1 chip deficit against the rampant Jordz16, who won Wednesday's UKOPS PLO and knows his way round a Final Table, it was not looking good for Chrissy, but once he doubled up he could suddenly see the finishing line.

It was a great effort by Jordz, it must be said, the boy has great game and heart. 

In 3rd was Ryan1976, who has 2 Turbo Opens and a Rebuy Open on his CV, so he's pretty handy too.

SadBarsteward was 8th, and Limp2Lose 10th. As you know, Limp2Lose is StayOrGo's son, and his name is George, though his Dad seems to think his name is Gary. Pay attention Graham, I make less mistakes than Sky_James.  

In 15th, fresh from winning the 7pm UKOPS 16 Freezeout was SkootaT.

It would be quite wrong to describe to Sir-Gary as the Bubble Boy, as he is in his eighties, but he did bubble, so he'll be knocking on the door of Help The Aged this morning. 

UKOPS 19 | 8.30pm, £5.50 entry, £2,500 Bounty Hunter

A whopping 706 entries ensured this covered guarantee by +40%, with the winner likely to receive in excess of 100 times their buy-in.

Winner here was xerses7717, for whom this was a massive result. It's easy to gawp at the Big Boys who win and lose thousands without batting an eyelid, but to many of us a £500+ bink is a very big deal, so well done xerses.

Thrifty saved a few bob in 2nd, and the superbly named HurriKane was 3rd.

In 4th was bretty1984, and the not so superbly named FkingRiver in 5th. Rounding out the final was Seaham1980 who had harboured thoughts of better things. For those of you unaware, Seaham has a splendid Pier Head Lighthouse, and was once the home of Paul Gascoigne. Seaham, that is, not the lighthouse, as rumour has it Gazza never did manage to see the light.

Value specialist MrWh1te collected a small cash, as did -LEON- who might actually be older than me.

Finally, a word of congratulations to Jac35, who collected about £30 - his biggest cash in years. If ever a man moaned it in, it's him.

UKOPS 20 | 9pm, £22 entry, £5,000 Rebuy

110 entries, 91 rebuys and 76 add-ons got this one over the guarantee line, but not by much, just 11%.

Cracking Final table in this one, victory eventually going to devil_tear who will be able to boast of this win to his class mates when school resumes next week.

Runner-up was LmfaoAllin, who must like Rebuys, as he won the Mini UKOPS Rebuy less than 2 months ago.  James - that's probably his name unless StayOrGo tells me otherwise - is such a genuine and lovely bloke, too, so I'm chuffed to bits for him.

Larson7 scored in 3rd, with slim542, charsnow and kevlaa1 in 4th, 5th and 6th.

engy powered into 12th, and TheHippopotamus from Scotland got very lucky to finish 18th.

UKOPS 21 | 10pm, £55 entry, £4,000 Turbo Bounty Hunter

The concluding event of Day 3 was the Turbo BH. Never a worry of this one missing the guarantee, and it hit the number with 20% to spare.

Our winner was dl84, with Sam_26 springing a surprise in 2nd for his best ever result on Sky Poker.

missabeat (3rd), bigg431 (5th) and unorthrdox (6th), and it was that man StayOrGo who came 5th and added another few bob to his ever bulging kitty.

Curt360x27 final table bubbled, my good mate omm was 8th and in 10th was Sir_Gary, doubtless supping his cocoa and wearing his jimjams, as it was way past his bedtime. We really should respect these old boys who can still cut it at the poker tables, even if they do have a few leaks. 

Total Player £5,000 Leaderboard

With just one day to go this is hotting up a treat. The top 3 get £1,000, £800 and £600 respectively, and cash prizes go right down to 50th, so if you are in with a squeak, the very best of luck to you.

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